Saskia Geraerts van Houten, psychologist

A passion for reaching fulfillment and not settling for less

Saskia Geraerts van Houten
Saskia Geraerts van Houten

Light, connection, energy and honesty… those are the principal values of Saskia, a clinical and organisational psychologist here in Mallorca. Rooted in a deep interest in other people, her bubbly personality lights up a room when she enters. Not only with brightness but with sharing an energy of openness that is ripe for genuine connection.

It only makes sense, then, that when she first came to Mallorca the island’s pace of slow, meaningful living resonated with her. She found a community of people who also decided to step away from the ‘rat race’ and opt for a better quality of life dedicated to true, genuine connection and dedicated living.

“I love the laid-back vibe, the nature here and the amount of sunshine, the delicious food… the quality of life in general!”

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On the weekends you can find her hiking in the Tramuntana with her kids, socialising with friends over a glass of wine, or enjoying a good meal. Much of her free time is spent outdoors in communion with nature – either running or walking –  and embracing culture in modern art museums or at the theatre. She is a regular practitioner of connecting with her mind, soul and body through practices of yoga and meditation.

Saskia has always been a ‘people-person‘. With a successful career as a TV presenter in Holland and on Dutch radio, she has perfected the art of communicating the insights and wisdom that years of deep connection with people from all walks of life have brought her. For many years she has given keynote lectures for companies on psychological topics such as stress prevention, burnout and how to live a happier life. Curiosity and demand for more guidance on those topics have led her to develop her passion and skills into a successful mentorship programme called The Upgrade.

The seven-week programme is specially designed for people who want to upgrade their financial situation, the way they take care of their body and mind, call in new love (or spice up their current relationship) or want to find their professional purpose. She works with people who have already worked with a psychologist before, who know themselves, and who may have a current psychopathology issue, but who do feel stuck in a rut. People who feel that life is good, but could be great and don’t want to settle for happy-ish. Her passion is helping people upgrade their lives in romance, finance, body and business.

Qualifications and awards

Saskia Geraerts van Houten holds two Master Desgrees (MA and MSc) and is a member of the Dutch Psychological Association.

What people say about her...

“Saskia has the ability to explain complex psychological matters so clearly that you cannot but apply it to yourself. This combined with her presence on stage and tv had her leave a huge impression on us.”

“Saskia is a qualified and committed psychologist and shares her knowledge with flair and enthusiasm. Both in 1-on-1 contacts during workshops and lectures, you always leave feeling good after an encounter with her.”


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Saskia Geraerts van Houten

Saskia Geraerts van Houten