Elisabeth Wiik, a purposeful life as a Therapist

A passion to help others resolve their mental health issues through listening and support

Elisabeth Wiik
CBT Therapist, Elisabeth Wiik

Originally from Norway, Elisabeth Wiik has followed a unique path that has led her to a new life and career that she might have not expected twenty years ago, but that fits perfectly with the woman she is today.

Elisabeth’s first trip to Mallorca was in 1969, and since then, her multiple travels around the world always brought her back to the island. It was after a period when she and her husband were looking for a new place to live, to move away from the cold life of Norway, that they realised they didn’t need to look any further — Mallorca had stolen their heart from the very beginning.

The mother of four has a long-standing career as a real estate agent in Norway, but she didn’t know that her life was about to change forever when she decided to become a nurse and work at a cancer hospital. “These patients are in a constant state of crisis and fear, and as their nurse, I found myself talking and listening to them most of the day. That’s how I got interested in therapy,” Elisabeth recalls. After having a serious illness herself, she deepened her understanding of how mental health works and was able to see situations from both sides. “After this period, I decided to slow down and rethink my career, as real estate no longer fulfilled me,” she shares.

The now licensed CBT therapist has launched her service in Mallorca offering online sessions to Scandinavian and English-speaking clients. Her vision? To build her portfolio of clients and perhaps establish a centre.

As Elisabeth builds her new passion, she also supports her husband in his business as a constructor on the island, something that is working very well. In her restless desire to learn and help, she is broadening her specialisation to treat drug and alcohol problems, as these add to other very prevalent problems such as depression, anxiety, or relationship issues.

“Therapy is not a way for me to present a solution, but, instead, my experience has taught me that what’s important is to listen and provide the space and the tools to explore the real problem, which is often not obvious,” she explains, excited to have found a way to heal through her passion.


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