7 reasons why Digital Nomads are choosing Mallorca

Mallorca has proven to be a safe haven for digital nomads

1. A supporting visa

As of January 2023, all foreigners wishing to work remotely from Spain can now apply for a Digital Nomad Visa. If you’re interested in making the move, check our article Tax breaks for Digital Nomads.

2. A high-speed connection

A reliable internet connection means digital nomads can get the high-speed network they need while working on a warm, sunny terrace. Building local business connections is easier than ever with a number of cool new co-working spaces where international minds can congregate.

The Rise of Coworking in Mallorca

Coworking and working remotely are becoming increasingly popular worldwide and now Mallorca has its own spaces for entrepreneurs on the island.

3. A safe haven for investment

In the past years, the island has proven to be one of the safest and most stable regions of Spain to invest in property. Beach-front penthouses and apartments with a balcony are amongst the most popular choice of property to buy.

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4. 66 flights an hour

Palma de Mallorca has the third biggest airport in Spain, from which you can fly to 163 destinations, including daily flights to Europe’s major cities such as Madrid, London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris or Rome.

5. A healthy lifestyle

Apart from offering 300 days of sunshine a year, Mallorca is also becoming a haven for those looking to live a more conscious and slow life. From organic markets to yoga studios, following a healthy lifestyle in Mallorca is encouraged and supported.

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6. Hikes Galore

The UNESCO protected Sierra de Tramuntana is covered in thick woodland, perfect for calming pine walks and hiking with friends. There are also many beaches in Mallorca that are only accessible by foot or boat.

Connect with other outdoorsy people: Martin’sWalks / Mallorca Hiking Club

7. Cosmopolitan & creative energy

Mallorca has a strong expat community with German, British, French and Scandinavians making up a huge proportion of the population. It also has its share of international artists, writers and musicians. Nomads can make connections at the many festivals, gallery openings and exhibitions that take place all year round.

Places to meet international art lovers: Gallery Red /Living Room