Relocating from Miami to Mallorca

US Lawyer Nahomie Jean Louis found peace and transformation moving from Miama to Mallorca

US Lawyer Nahomie Jean Louis

Living in fast-paced Miami, Nahomie Jean Louis found herself yearning to slow down. After years of managing a law firm and then owning a busy café in South Beach, the non-stop demands of her successful business had left her feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. “It took a toll on me, health-wise. I had high blood pressure and was very stressed out. I decided I was going to close the café and find a job where I could work remotely,” she tells us. In her quest for a more balanced and serene life, the Spanish coast was calling, and when she discovered the tranquil island of Mallorca it was the beginning of a life-altering path.

Life Began to ‘Bloom’

After arriving on Mallorca’s sunny shores in January 2023, Nahomie quickly turned her attention to sharing her newfound sense of calm with others. Harnessing her entrepreneurial spirit she established Bloom Mallorca, retreats designed for corporate Americans who were also experiencing signs of burnout.

“The word ‘bloom’ came to me because I felt like my whole life was blooming,” she describes with a smile. “Mallorca reminds me a lot of Haiti where my parents are from. Being an island as well, there are many similarities.” Mallorca’s stunning sea views, mountainous landscapes, and a culture of self-sufficiency resonate with her deeply and provide the perfect setting for her concept.

Now settled into Mallorcan life, Nahomie’s new modus operandi is disconnection from daily stresses, something that her modern seaside home in Son Serra de Marina allows with ease. “Many people today are conditioned to crave constant stimulation. I often have to encourage retreat guests to simply take a quiet walk on the beach to reconnect with themselves,” she tells us. Motivating her guests to unwind and let go has resulted in some remarkable transformations.

A recent guest left inspired to start a new business, while another was given the confidence to explore relocating from the United States. Others have experienced more subtle shifts, like rediscovering the simple joy of reading.

Nahomie herself has relished the plethora of enriching wellness offerings available here on the island, regularly participating in activities such as yoga, sound healing and pottery classes. Trips to Palma for a day at the spa are a regular occurrence, and of course, ample time in the sea and exploring the island’s natural surroundings. Since her move to Mallorca, Nahomie has been on a continuous journey of self-improvement and learning. Her mission now is to help others achieve personal growth and transformation. She has created a sanctuary where individuals can rediscover themselves, find inner peace, and return to their daily lives rejuvenated, a testament to the power of slowing down and reconnection with the self in a beautiful setting like Mallorca.

Text by Ché Miller |  Photos by Sara Savage