Llevant Mobiliari: Furniture Store Manacor

Llevant Mobiliari offers inspirational interior design rooted in the Mediterranean

Toni & Juan from Llevant Mobiliari

Come for a walk because it’s much more than a shop,” says Juan, a manager at Llevant Mobiliari. Spread across 4,000 m2 of interior, terraces and gardens, their Home & Garden store invites visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and beauty of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Two further stores are dedicated to bedrooms and an interior design service. The family-run company from Manacor began as a chair-making factory and its story may have come to a quiet end had it not been for the four enterprising Llull brothers from the third generation.

They set about revolutionising the firm and they did it without breaking ties with the workshops of Manacor. Having such a skilled and trustworthy team behind them means that Llevant Mobiliari is the go-to place for made-to-measure furniture. “We can make everything from the front door down to the last mirror in the bathroom,” Jesús says.

Original and Homegrown Designs

Natural materials and organic shapes, soothing colours and pleasing plants are defining characteristics at Llevant Mobiliari.

“We want to capture the essence of the Mediterranean,” Jesús says.

Their own brand of quintessential Mallorcan rocking chairs, Cornet’s, has been very well-received. Upholstered to a very high standard and with classic patterns, including the distinctive ‘roba de llengües’, these chairs are perfect for sitting back and savouring stunning island views. In addition to their 0km products, there are plenty of sophisticated and design-conscious brands in store, to ensure their clients have the very best selection.

Although they have a shop focused on interior design projects, a customer’s inspiration usually starts when they set foot in the Llevant Home & Garden store. It is here where they fall in love with the different beautifully decorated corners and their imagination begins to flow as they visualise them in their own home. “It is really convenient for them to be able to see and touch the pieces that will dress their home”, concludes Juan.

Text by Emily Benet

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Llevant Mobiliari Furniture Store Manacor

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