Making spaces memorable

Interior designer Virginia Pérez has infused life into many well-known projects around the island

Virginia Pérez

Interior design is all about functionality, aesthetics and uniqueness, but few designers approach their projects with such freshness and curiosity as Virginia Pérez. With 14 years of experience on projects around the island, Virginia knows what sets her apart: her passion to make the client’s ideas a reality. She does not shy away from pointing out that her personality plays an important role in her success, as good communication ensures the synergy needed to bring the most complex projects to fruition.


It’s no secret that the interior design of a restaurant can make or break the entire experience. These types of spaces call for a skilled hand to make them unique and memorable, and Virginia is no stranger to this, as she’s been involved in major restaurant interior design projects. When she was commissioned for Suculenta in Port Sóller, one of the island’s top restaurants, she came up with a way to bring life to an otherwise cold shell. The space draws inspiration from its breathtaking mountain and sea surroundings, mimicking that backdrop with a continuous dialogue between the hanging greenery and the soft blue touches in the décor.


A restaurant inspired by a circus tent is everything but ordinary – Arlequin Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is probably the project that most reflects Virginia’s versatility and ability to get inside her client’s mind. With its characteristic white and red tones, smart nods to the circus theme and lots of attention to detail, this space is a show in every sense of the word. Ponderosa Beach in Playa de Muro has been ensuring that Virginia’s talent reinvents their space every season for the past 10 years, something she does by mirroring the décor with the laid-back beach setting and the use of natural materials, soft earthy tones and marine elements. Now, Virginia looks to new horizons. After diversifying into residential interior design and creating some striking projects in Palma and Son Vida, she’s ready to embrace these more personal spaces with her client’s vision and her talent at the forefront.

Text by Fátima Carasol | Photos provided by Virginia Pérez & Jonatan Barzola

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