Desirable design meets sweet simplicity

A magical valley in the island’s north reinvigorates rural life by the work of one exceptional team

Interior design of Espacio Home Design

Just as quality ingredients make for the perfect picnic, getting an interior project just so requires prime raw materials. At this splendid country villa, the kitchen and interior design maestros at Espacio Home Design handpicked delectable components to serve up something special.


Three generations of love, dedication and skill form Espacio Home Design, a company with earthy roots. Everything began in 1945 with a simple wood workshop in the town of Villafranca, and over eight decades, the firm evolved into a design powerhouse with six Mallorca showrooms. How fitting, then, that members of the 80-strong team would be the ones to turn their hand to transforming a beloved old Mallorcan finca.

Here in the foothills of the Pollensa mountains, time appears to stand still. But this is 2023, and now Espacio is done, the inhabitants of this handsome house nestled amongst olive trees spend the hottest months ensconced in 21st-century resplendence.


Late afternoon, and a high sun beats down on the valley and the house. Sliding doors open out from a gracious living area onto the shaded patio where a young boy and his mother lounge on dove-grey Moltenii sofas; available exclusively at Espacio, the Italian outdoor furniture looks impossibly elegant. Both take dips in the refreshing aquamarine water of a pool; retreating now and then into the wonderfully air-conditioned interior to cool their skin. A gentle mountain breeze stirs the scent of lavender. When the heat, little by little, starts to relent, it’s time to go inside and linger in the kitchen designed by Cocinart, the heart of the home. A basket is placed on a pristine counter, the boy delighting in placing treasure inside. Here, surrounded by smooth oak and quartzite, plus a host of cutting-edge appliances, the only trace of what once was is a stone urn filled with calla lilies, and ceramic bowls, overflowing with lemons.


This thoroughly modern space sets the stage for those small, daily rituals unchanged through the decades. A poignant scene unfolds, as child proudly carries his basket to a favourite, centuries-old olive tree, accompanied by his mother. Some activities – the humble picnic a perfect example – are best left untouched. As we continue to evolve, though, and technology makes strides, everyday trials are soothed.

Here, cradled by the mountains and wrapped in the comfort of modernity, life is infinitely easier than it was for our forefathers. Espacio Home Design NB Arquitectura has turned this corner of Mallorca into a rural haven; a Balearic retreat to seduce the senses. Espacio Home Design created a kitchen and living spaces for precisely how we aspire to play, cook and eat. Before, during and after the long Spanish summer, the successors of that original Villafranca workshop – along with those clients who employ them – work together to maintain and safeguard the island’s old, precious places.

Text by Anna Mason | Photos provided by Espacio Home Design

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