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Grupo Elevaric
Grupo Elevaric

Designing your dream home? Here are the creatives you’ll want by your side! Embarking on the journey of building your dream home is an exciting adventure, filled with endless possibilities to make your personal mark. Here is a shortlist of the experts in Mallorca that can help you turn your vision into a reality.

How do I find reputable home service providers in Mallorca?

Mallorca boasts an impressive array of skilled and reputable home service providers. Whether you’re in need of an electrician, a home lift installer, a project manager, or experts in smart home technology and solar power systems, it’s crucial to find professionals who are enthusiastic about your project and eager to bring your ideas to life.

Do they speak my language?

Many home service providers in Mallorca are locals fluent in Spanish and Catalan. Additionally, numerous professionals have studied or worked abroad, gaining international experience and often speaking English proficiently. Other languages such as German, French, and Italian are less common but can be found, especially among expat professionals. Most firms will offer their services in multiple languages to cater to the diverse needs of Mallorca’s residents and property investors.

The service on offer

Working with a professional home service provider guarantees a comprehensive and customised service. Here, we highlight experts in home services ranging from smart home solutions to garden designers who go above and beyond to achieve your vision. When adding a home lift, you’ll receive various design options that complement your home’s style; solar energy specialists who deliver sustainable and efficient power solutions, and project managers that coordinate the entire construction process to ensure smooth execution.


Eléctrica Establiments

Second-generation owner Tomeu Morey turned his 28-year-old family business into a benchmark for highend electrical services in Mallorca. Not your conventional electricians, their expertise ranges from entire electrical or photovoltaic installations to home automation and motorised doors.

Find out more about Eléctrica Establiments by visiting their hc/ Business Profile below.

Garden design & maintenance


Enter a realm where architectural boundaries dissolve, and creativity knows no limits. Passionate about protecting and nourishing the Mallorcan landscape, S’Estepa’s garden designs focus on the relationship between people and the land, using endemic and exotic species to create elegant landscapes that respect nature’s rhythm.

Find out more about S’Estepa below.

Jardins Balears

Under the warm embrace of the Mediterranean sun, Jardins Balears elevates outdoor spaces with expert gardening, pool maintenance, and irrigation solutions. Garnering years of experience, they craft homeowners’ garden dreams into reality with designs rooted in sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Find out more about Jardins Balears by visiting their hc/ Business Profile below.

My Landscaping Group

Many consider the garden as important as the house, especially on Mallorca with its beautiful climate. Johannes Dütsch, founder of My Landscaping Group, excels at creating private paradises that can be enjoyed throughout the changing seasons. His portfolio includes finca gardens, citrus groves, vegetable gardens, petanque courts, fire pit and golf courses.

Find out more about My Landscaping Group below.

Architects of the Garden

A garden design and landscaping company in Mallorca founded by Johannes Dütsch an experienced landscape architect.

Home lifts

Grupo Elevaric

With more than 50 years in the market and over 40,000 installed units, the name ‘Grupo Elevaric’ has long been synonymous with silent, safe, and luxurious designer lifts for homes in the Balearics. They are the exclusive distributors of Aritco lifts, which are customisable and available for indoor and outdoor use.

Find out more about Grupo Elevaric below.

Parquet Flooring

Parkett Dietrich

Parkett Dietrich, a German family-owned company, offers high-quality, customised parquet and levelling floors minerals in Palma, showcasing their craftsmanship and sustainability. Their name is synonymous with first-class, tailor-made solutions, such as their “Parquet meets Colour” colour-matched parquet and stairs. From planning to completion, their products and services are based on decades of experience and traditional craftsmanship.

Find out more about Parkett Dietrich by visiting their hc/ Business Profile below.

Project managers


Miquel Bauza at LF91 in Pollensa manages a team of architects, designers, and builders, handling all aspects of home construction in Mallorca – from land purchase to local law negotiations. His high-standard architecture and renowned seamless builds attract international buyers seeking his skills and local insight.

Find out more about LF91 by visiting their hc/ Portfolio below.

  • LF91

    Pollensa-based firm LF91 consult, manage and control construction projects to the highest degree.

    Rotonda de Can Berenger S/N,
    07460 Pollença
    +34 971 867 700

    Anja Fliegerbauer

    With 20+ years of local experience, Anja expertly manages construction projects in Mallorca ensuring timely, cost-effective completion. By supporting clients with project management, cost calculations, contractor coordination, quality control, and permit navigation, she streamlines the process of finding and developing dream homes.

    Find out more about Anja Fliegerbauer below.

    A passion for building

    Anja Fliegerbauer is a passionate civil engineer who has been creating idyllic homes on Mallorca for the last 22 years.

    Profile Construction

    Offering bespoke, cost-efficient solutions, these project managers tackle the challenge of managing complex construction projects across international locations. Their focus is on efficient planning, tailored customisations, and cost-effectiveness for high-quality outcomes.

    Find out more about Profile Construcion here.

    Property maintenance


    Helping property owners enjoy their precious holidays without worries, this specialised service manages every facet of property maintenance so that property owners don’t have to. Their meticulous approach guarantees properties remain pristine, ready for the owners to relax both while abroad and when they return.

    Find out more about FincaCare by visiting their hc/ Business Profile below.


    For many, owning a slice of paradise in Mallorca is a dream come true. Finding the right team to take care of it is an important decision to make. Islas is a trusted, subscription-based property management solution in Mallorca for all matters pertaining to property maintenance, guaranteeing peace of mind for the property owner.

    Find out more about Islas by visiting their hc/ Business Profile below.

    Smart home systems

    First Smart Home

    Dreaming of a home optimised to the exact preferences and needs of each person who lives in it? By applying smart technologies, First Smart Home offers just that – homes designed for ideal user experience and an overall higher quality of life.

    Find out more about First Smart Home by visiting their hc/ Business Profile below.

    Solar power systems


    With the growing interest in sustainable energy generation in Mallorca, Ecoenergia has quickly become the ‘go-to’ team for all installations related to solar panels, aerothermal energy, and Tesla self-consumption batteries. Their turnkey projects bring sustainable energy to both new homes and complete refurbishments.

    Find out more about Ecoenergia below.

    Going Solar

    Unlock the power of solar panels with Ecoenergia: Certified engineers providing solar solutions for a greener planet and brighter finances.

    Making your Mediterranean dream home a reality

    The decision to live in Mallorca brings you one step closer to your vision of a dream home coming to life – be it a seaside villa with views of turquoise waters, or a rustic finca with plenty of space for the family nestled in the countryside. No matter how you envision your perfect Mediterranean retreat, selecting the right team is crucial to realising your dreams. Fortunately, Mallorca boasts a wealth of skilled home service providers capable of delivering innovative and dynamic designs.

    And, if you’re still on the hunt for your perfect piece of Mallorcan paradise, you can browse our expansive selection of properties for sale across the island. Take the first step to finding your dream home by finding out more about how you can secure the services of a Property Buyer’s Agent in Mallorca for zero extra cost to you.

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