Going Solar

While there are many companies offering solar panel solutions, few have the expertise of ecoenergia

Solar Panel Experts

Embracing solar power has never made more sense. Thanks to subsidies from the Balearic government and the European Union Next Generation fund, installing solar panels has become increasingly viable for individuals and companies alike.

But while there are many firms advertising solar panels, not all have the in-depth knowledge of what is, in actual fact, a complex world. We meet founders of ecoenergia, Miquel Àngel Cànaves, José Deltoro and Pere Jordà in their head office in Pollensa, and soon come to realise the advantage of choosing them. “The difference is we are three trained engineers,” says Pere, a technical industrial engineer specialising in electrical engineering. The highly qualified partners collaborated on projects together for years before deciding that their chemistry and shared philosophy meant heading a company together was a winning idea.

Personalised Solar Solutions 

“We aren’t out to sell at all costs,” continues Pere. “We carry out a personalised study of each case, taking into consideration the consumption of each client, and we offer a solution accordingly.” Despite not being marketeers and salesmen, word has certainly got out, and they are considered to be leading experts in their field in Mallorca. They are certified installers of the German-made Sonnen batteries and some of the very few certified installers for the Tesla battery.

Miquel Àngel can’t stress enough how important it is to hire a company which not only employs experts but has all the safety and health checks and insurance paperwork in order. “There are risks homeowners aren’t aware they are taking on when accepting people into their house…” he says. Using cheap, untrained labour is rarely cost-effective. In the past, the ecoenergia team have been called on to repair damaged panels due to low-quality installation. In addition to solar panels and car chargers, they also offer a Systems Backup for homes.

Financial and Personal Reward

“It’s very satisfying to know that thanks to our work, in just over a year, we have helped to avoid 1,100 tonnes of carbon emissions and planted the equivalent of 1,400 trees,” says José. While a healthier planet may be a priority for them, they appreciate that the greatest factor involved in people choosing solar energy, is the financial benefit. “Historically the cost of electricity goes up 2 percent every year,” explains Miquel Àngel. “We calculate a return in investment in approximately 5 to 6 years.

The team takes responsibility for every part of the process from the design of the installation, to the installation and all the paperwork. If a client experiences a problem they won’t need to wait in a queue at a busy call centre but will be able to contact the friendly engineers directly. “What we do is a job well done, and we treat the clients as best as possible, accompanying them all the way,” concludes José, with a smile of someone satisfied they are going in the right direction.

Text by Emily Benet  | Photos by Sara Savage

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