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Jan Ihden

For many property owners in Mallorca, the challenge of maintaining their residences, especially from afar, can feel like a daunting task. The duties can seem never-ending, whether it’s maintaining the pristine state of the house, making sure the pool remains sparkling, or caring for the lush garden vegetation. However, there’s a solution that promises efficiency, discretion, and peace of mind.

Ensuring your property’s perfection

Based in Mallorca, FincaCare is a specialised service that manages every facet of property maintenance so that the property owner doesn’t have to. For everything from pool cleanings to updates after severe weather, FincaCare owner Jan Ihden manages the coordination of care for fincas, homes, and villas, offering extreme convenience for homeowners in that they have one trusted point of contact for everything related to their home.

Under Jan’s guidance, a team of skilled professionals guarantees that every property stays in a controlled and well-maintained condition, allowing homeowners to enjoy their time on the island without worrying about property upkeep.

FincaCare is unique not only because of its experience but also because of its sincere love of exquisite houses and gardens. The FincaCare team takes pride in collaborating with property owners to enhance each property’s aesthetic appeal, whether it be through the creation of inviting terraces, meandering pathways, or tranquil water features and a variety of plant structures.

By having FincaCare as a reliable partner, property owners can relax knowing that their homes are in good hands and can fully enjoy their time in Mallorca without worrying about their property’s upkeep.

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How FincaCare can help you

FincaCare’s array of services covers every aspect of property maintenance. From weekly inspections to checking building services like heating and electricity, their meticulous approach guarantees properties remain pristine, ready for owners’ return.

Property maintenance services

From conducting weekly inspections of both the exterior and interior of houses to ensuring proper ventilation in all rooms to mitigate mould growth, FincaCare keeps clients informed about their property’s status. Their approach extends to verifying the functionality of building services such as heating, electricity, and water, recognizing that neglect can lead to technological issues. FincaCare diligently monitors water, gas, and heating oil levels, guaranteeing a warm and dry home with a replenished cistern.

In times of crises like storms, their rapid response team ensures an electrician or plumber is dispatched within 48 hours, a service that’s not always readily available in Mallorca. Additionally, they address pest infestations promptly and efficiently, safeguarding properties from unwanted intruders. With services like key handovers, regular letterbox emptying, and personalised information exchange, FincaCare remains steadfast in its commitment to providing dependable and comprehensive property maintenance solutions, ensuring peace of mind for property owners, even in their absence.

Complete pool maintenance

In Mallorca’s Mediterranean climate, life by the pool plays a central role. Clear water and a well-maintained pool with regular checks of the filters, pumps and water values invites you to take a dip. Whether it’s a chlorine pool or a saltwater pool – FincaCare takes care of the necessary maintenance.

Garden maintenance and stonework

FincaCare´s expertise in Mediterranean flora means they offer reliable maintenance, pruning, and recultivation services. Their team ensures that trees and bushes remain lush and beautiful through regular pruning and shaping, including autumn pruning. They can install irrigation systems, regularly checking for nozzle calcification and breakage, and their speciality lies in constructing natural stone walls, steps, raised beds, terraces, and curved paths, adding a touch of elegance to secluded gardens.

Restoration and renovation

Repairs and renovations are conducted promptly and professionally, maintaining the integrity of each project. Should clients require specialised tradesmen, FincaCare acts as a reliable local partner, coordinating the construction work of various trades to ensure seamless execution.

Other services

With reliable cleaners available seven days a week, regular cleanings and laundry service guarantee a well-kept house. FincaCare’s thoughtful “Welcome pack” service fills clients’ fridges according to their preferences before arrival. Moreover, their team handles tasks like locking and unlocking the house for suppliers, tradesmen, and courier services. Lastly, they provide a variety of firewood options, from pine to olive to holm oak, for a cosy and warming fire ready to be sparked the moment you arrive home.
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What FincaCare's clients say...

  • “We are very happy with the structure that our garden has been given thanks to the new paths, planting and pruning by FincaCare.” -P. Kuhn, Düsseldorf
  • “At last we have found a reliable manager. We are immediately in the holiday feeling. Mr Ihden regularly keeps us up to date with photos. There are no surprises.” – C. Meister, Hamburg
  • “We have a beautiful new driveway with the new natural stone walls. Thank you FincaCare!” – H. Clausen, Sipplingen
  • “Many thanks for the idea and realisation of our new fireplace. An ideal place with our friends over a glass of wine.” – D. Hauck, Oldenburg i.O.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the FincaCare service cost?
Every house is different and every owner has individual ideas and wishes. Talk with FincaCare to discuss what services best fit your needs.

Can FincaCare cover all the needs and wishes relating to our property on Mallorca?
Yes, with FincaCare you receive all services for your house, pool and garden from a single source.


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