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Tomeu Morey has turned his family business into a benchmark for high-end electrical services in Mallorca

Eléctrica Establiments is a tightly knit electrical business that was founded 28 years ago and is powered by dedication and strong work ethics, rapidly gaining the trust of local clients. Now, in the hands of second-generation manager Tomeu Morey, the once-small local business has grown and adapted to modern needs and offerings, without losing its original values.

“We have loyal clients of more than two decades,” explains Tomeu, “they know the emphasis we put on high quality and they trust us for that.”

Whilst the company has expanded greatly in recent years, it has remained true to its family roots by focusing on electrical works for private homes, villas and small businesses. Tomeu oversees the entire operation and each project with dedication, valuing its long trajectory and putting an emphasis on direct communication. “We listen to the ideas of the clients and we give our point of view with ease, so they know we are here for them”. Up to five specialised electrical technicians work on-site during an installation, which ranges from entire electrical or photovoltaic installations to home automation and motorised doors.

Collaborating with local partners around the island, including interior designers, architects and project managers with similar values, is something that Tomeu holds with pride. “We have built a strong network of connections throughout the years and that manifests in the ease of our daily work”. Their collaborations with some of the best local showrooms, including Socias I Rossello or Apure, ensure that a client can see how a light fixture looks and feels in real life, not just through a catalogue. “Our high concerns for quality and durability makes us value great results over time constraints,” Tomeu points out. When asked about their after-sales service, he goes on to explain that although they would go back to solve any issue the client might have, this is not something that occurs very often. “We almost never have to go back to a home because we rarely have any issues with the installation,” Tomeu concludes with a smile.

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How Eléctrica Establiments can help you

Eléctrica EstablimentsEléctrica Establiments has specialised in the installation of electrical systems for private homes, villas and small business. It also holds sustainability in very high regards, answering the demand for self-consumption photovoltaic installations that not only save energy, but also prove to be a great long-term investment.

To answers clients’ questions in regards to return on investment, they provide a study that includes pay-back period. Apart from renewable energy concerns, Eléctrica Establiments also provides and installs bespoke home automation systems while holding a direct partnership with of the KNX Association of home automation.

One of their most specialised services is the installation of motorised doors for garages, being one of the few companies offering this service on the island.


In addition to several decades of experience in the electrical sector in Mallorca, Eléctrica Establiments is an authorised installer by the Balearic Industry Delegation. They hold Metalblinds’ technical service certificate for automatic doors and are partners of the KNX home automation association.

What Eléctrica Establiments' clients say...

“We got to know Eléctrica Establiments many years ago through a recommendation and from that day on they are our preferred electrical service. They have carried our several reformation for which we are really happy.” – Joan Campins

“We have been working with them for many years and we have carried out renovations and opened new premises, for which they have always responded with a great job.” – Can Joan de s’Aigo

“Eléctrica Establiments is our “partner” in lighting projects, working with them is an added value that our customers highly appreciate.” – De Bat a Bat interiorismo

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive a quote for the electrical installation of a private home?
Eléctrica Establiments always visits the home beforehand to get to know the needs and concerns of the client so as to offer a quote that is as accurate as possible. After the home visit, they send the quote within 3 or 4 days.

How long does it take to receive a call at home?

Electricity is essential in our day-to-day lives, so when a customer calls about a breakdown, Eléctrica Establiments is there as soon as possible: same day or next morning.

What are the typical electrical services you offer?
Electrical installations, garage door automation, KNX, telecommunications and photovoltaic solar energy.

hc/ Endorsement

“For many years we have been using the services of Eléctrica Establiments to maintain our automatic entrance door. They are very quick to respond to call-outs, offering good solutions at a reasonable cost.”



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