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Harri Holroyd - Islas Property ManagementFor many, owning a slice of paradise in Mallorca is a dream come true. The island beckons with its sun-kissed beaches, beautiful natural terrain, and growing cosmopolitan allure. Yet, amidst the luxurious seafront properties and fincas with rustic charm lies a reality often overlooked: the challenges of property ownership in a foreign country. Enter the unsung heroes of Mallorca’s real estate landscape – the property managers.

Protecting your paradise: the essential role of property managers

Imagine arriving at your Mallorcan villa after months away, only to find a laundry list of issues awaiting your return: leaky pipes, overgrown gardens, or worse, finding that there have been uninvited visitors. For absentee homeowners, such scenarios can quickly turn a dream into a nightmare.

Property managers serve as a first line of defence against these unforeseen challenges. They conduct regular inspections, coordinate repairs, and resolve on-the-ground issues, shielding you from the headaches of property ownership from afar. With their expertise and local knowledge, they become trusted guardians of your investment, ensuring that your slice of paradise remains just that – paradise.

Setting the standard: Harri Holroyd’s visionary leadership at Islas

Harri Holroyd is the trusted leader behind Islas, a Mallorca-based property management company serving the island. This subscription-based property management service pledges transparency, clarity, and consistency as its guiding principles. Harri’s goal is simple: to provide clients with peace of mind, knowing their properties are in capable hands.

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How Islas can help you

Islas serves as the property owner’s primary point of contact for all matters pertaining to their property’s maintenance and peace of mind when returning to the stunning island. Their subscription-based service is offered in two tiers: Islas Essential and Islas Premium.

Islas Essential

Islas Essential, the basic subscription, offers essential services for a flat monthly rate. It includes a RING Doorbell for home security and a customised House Operations Manual for easy home management. The Islas team conducts bi-weekly property audits to ensure optimal condition, providing clients with regular updates on their home’s status. If issues arise, the service includes expert coordination of tradesmen for prompt maintenance. Additionally, house preparations such as climate adjustments and cleaning organization are included in this plan.

Islas Premium

Islas Premium extends the services of the Essential subscription while adding advanced property security and maintenance for an enhanced experience in Mallorca. Premium clients benefit from a weekly audit instead of bi-weekly, ensuring constant property updates for heightened security and maintenance. Additionally, a thorough monthly cleaning service provides six hours of cleaning, tailored to the client’s schedule for immaculate spaces.

Transportation is crucial; hence, Isla Premium offers a vehicle audit service to ensure optimal performance and reliability, avoiding unexpected road bumps during trips. Beyond home walls, the Full Concierge service, exclusive to Premium subscribers, fulfils every homeowner’s need, enhancing their lifestyle.

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Harri Holroyd graduated from Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne with a Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management. He has worked in Hong Kong for Blacksheep Restaurant Group, as Operations Manager at the dark kitchen start-up Karma Kitchens, and at a Property Management company in Mallorca managing the houses of 25 clients –  all before leading up his own Property Management company, Islas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the costs of tradesmen factored into the subscription price?
No, all of the work done by outsourced suppliers i.e. gardeners, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians will be charged separately.

How do we pay for the service?
An invoice will be sent at the end of each month clearly outlining the charges. You can pay directly or, if you prefer, set up a direct debit to streamline the payment process.


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