Palace Living, Rialto Style

Sir Richard Branson’s Son Bunyola estate's interior design by Rialto Living

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The first time Klas Käll, Barbara Bergman and the Rialto Living interior design team visited Son Bunyola, they fell instantly under its spell. “We totally connected with its Mediterranean essence, its privileged location, its profound Mallorcan character and the history of its construction,” Bergman told abcMallorca.

Working with such blessed raw material meant inspiration for the unique interior project came easily. The brief? To create more than a hotel: capture the spirit of Sir Richard’s own house, a place where his friends would feel comfortable and welcome. Unsurprisingly, the design house known for its impeccable taste was given wide free reign to do as it wished; an exciting prospect, given the scale of the opening.

This 1,300-acre, 16th-century property on the northwest coast has taken over 20 years of planning and restoration. Featuring three private luxury villas and a boutique hotel, it is one of Mallorca’s most exclusive addresses, its arrival prompting huge global buzz. “Rialto Living had complete creative freedom,” says Bergman. “We were given a few guidelines but they were open to our suggestions.”


Headed by designer Klas, the interior projects team worked closely with the architects, GRAS Reynés Architecture Studio, and Branson’s Virgin personnel until a design proposal was complete, offering a timeless style based on the careful selection of textiles, plus natural, stand-out materials. To achieve this artisanal result local workshops were involved, the craftsmen paying great attention to detail. Infused with centuries of history, Son Bunyola is drenched in soul so Klas did it justice with artwork created by local artists enhancing the connection to the island.

Colour-wise, the Rialto team designed the bedrooms around four schemes: earthy reds, Mediterranean blues, soft greens and neutrals, lending the rooms a special charm and making them all look different. All bedrooms are enhanced by Klas Käll’s lauded fabric collection. ‘Relaxed elegance’ is the phrase that best defines Rialto Living style. That is what we wanted to reflect in Son Bunyola,” Barbara says, sharing that achieving this demanded they sit down to thoughtfully handpick everything: indoor and outdoor furniture; lighting, textiles.


The biggest challenge was designing the towers; the property is built around a central courtyard, with a round tower in one corner, and a medieval tower in another. “This was very tricky as they are highly protected and the brief was to design two of the most special suites,” reveals Barbara, appreciating the talents of her colleagues. Up until now, Rialto Living has eschewed corporate projects, preferring instead to focus exclusively on residential. By engaging them to undertake Son Bunyola, Virgin has played a masterful hand. The result is a hotel that does indeed feel more like somewhere Branson and friends would happily kick back. “It’s been a great challenge for a relatively small interior design department like ours, and we are overwhelmed with the feedback we’ve received,” Barbara Bergman says.

Text by Anna Mason | Photos provided by Virgin Limited Edition

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