True Mediterranean Fabrics at Rialto Living

Designer Klas Kall presents his new interior collection 'Mediterranean Seaside'

Klass Kall Rialto Living
Klas Kall

In far brighter climes than their Swedish homeland, Klas Kall and partner Barbara Bergman opened Rialto Living with the intention of bringing a “relaxed elegance” to the Mediterranean home. Their lifestyle store, situated in La Lonja, is where Mallorcan living is dreamed up, designed and made to look spectacular. And it starts the moment you step in. To a beat of smooth jazz, you relax, perusing cool linen shirts and gold jewellery… but you’re really here to decorate your home, so the first floor calls. You enter to find the essence of Mallorca woven into fabric and furniture, and it doesn’t take long before you – like us – start to feel inspired.

Each showroom acts as a stage for Klas’ fabric collection ‘Mediterranean Seaside’ which is split into four colours: red, blue, neutral and green. Klas, who worked with renowned textile producers Güell-Lamadrid, says all the tones and patterns were inspired solely by the island’s landscape. In each of the four colours, six different designs are available and based off much-loved places on Mallorca. The Puerto Pollensa Waves curve and curl, which in Klas’ choice of blue takes you right to the North-eastern shoreline. Or the Orient Road Stripe in red draws off the earth in thin threads of terracotta and pebble. “If you drive up the Orient, you’ll find these curves and you can see how this feeds into pattern” Klas explains, following the lines. “These are the forms and shapes of Mallorca.”

Klas’ collection shows up in all forms throughout the store as cushion covers, sofas, stools and curtains. His pairing of pattern is brave in some areas, particularly in red where a sofa in La Calobra Rocks – of jagged hot-red pieces – is partnered with floral and striped cushions. However, Klas insists that the most important thing in interior design is keeping to a colour palette, no matter how bold the pattern. “Keep to a colour story in a room, and then you’ll feel more relaxed.” He gestures towards the red sofa, which he admits is his most eye-catching piece, and turns our attention to the natural sandstone that surrounds it. “There are always ways of calming it down, always. But it’s about trusting your feelings, for some bold is what they want.”

Klass Kall Rialto LivingAlthough when asked what colour is most popular, Klas doesn’t hesitate. “Mallorca is blue, it’s the sky and the sea. Our clients are normally decorating a vacation home so they want it relaxed.” Klas takes us through to the blue area, where cliff-white lamp shades accompany his ocean colour story. The sandstone walls and high archways at Rialto flow with his patterns which are brought together by one important element: Farrow & Ball paint. Klas presses how their subtle neutrals and matte finishes are the vital ingredient to much of Rialto’s design work. He pulls out a colour chart and shares his favourites including Shadow White, Dimity and Mizzel. All of which he says marry well with his collection next to a wall or two of exposed stonework.

The way Klas guides us through the store, highlighting tones and textures, is what anyone looking to decorate their home can experience at Rialto Living. Klas and his design team are happy to advise on colour and design, first using the store as inspiration, and then at your home to conceptualise it. If finding your “colour story” seems like a challenge, Klas assures us that the stories already exist. They are all around us. They are the colours of Mallorca.

Photos by Sara Savage & Rialto Living

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