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Which is more important, form or function? When it comes to designing the interiors for your home, aesthetics matter. You want to feel that warm glow when visitors compliment your home. You want to surround yourself with attractive styling and beautifully arranged furnishings that fit seamlessly together to create the world you love to inhabit. But your living space should also be just that – a space to relax, to eat, to sleep, to live – and it should fully satisfy these functions, to facilitate the rituals of everyday life.

BANNI Elegant Interiors is an internationally-recognised, benchmark company for interior design and furnishings where the ideas of form and function, of elegance and purpose, co-habit effortlessly. They specialise in a wide range of environments and styles, from kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms to flooring, garden furniture, and lighting.

They understand that to create the perfect interplay of form and function they need to first understand the needs of the client. Each project is focused on achieving the realisation of each customer’s highly personalised tastes and needs, success is only measured by the satisfaction achieved by the final result. And with more than 7,000 projects completed, their multi-skilled and multilingual team are seasoned experts in obtaining the best solutions, tailored perfectly for every client.

Their expertise extends beyond the home, with services covering an impressive range of projects that include hotels, real estate developments, offices, retail outlets and yachts. As well as offering their own highly customisable line of furnishings, BANNI Elegant Interiors work with hundreds of top international brands to ensure only high-quality materials and products in every aspect of their projects.

So when you enter the BANNI Elegant Interiors showroom in Palma – or any of their six other impressive locales around Spain – you can be safe in the knowledge that when it comes to form and function, you won’t have to worry about compromise.

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BANNI Elegant Interiors

C/Can Verí 10, Palma