BANNI Elegant Interiors Store in Palma

BANNI Elegant interiors now open in Palma

BANNI Elegant Interiors is a well-known brand around the globe that take care of all aspects of the interior design and furnishings of any project. This talented team of interior designers have worked on more than 7,000 projects, working to each client’s individual requirements.

BANNI work on all types of interior design projects – individual rooms in a home, full hotels and office buildings, real estate developments and even yachts. Whether it is a new kitchen or bathroom, a redesigned living room or bedroom, a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room, they can take care of it all.

The team of experts behind this turnkey solution ensure that a dedicated interior professional is with the client at every step of the way and that they achieve the best results for their clients. They help with the logistics, assembly and after-sales service to guarantee that everything runs smoothly.

BANNI Elegant Interiors are official distributors of some of the world’s finest luxury brands such as AntonioLupi, Molteni Dada, Lema, Gaggenau, Gessi, Porada, Knoll, Cassina, Roda, Vitra among others.

BANNI also make their own bespoke furniture with a unique line of kitchen and bathroom furnishings, wardrobes and dressing rooms with great value for money. All models can be fully customised depending on what it is the client is looking for.

BANNI Elegant Interiors endeavour to find the best solution for every client to create a truly personalised space.

Address details

Banni elegant interiors Palma

BANNI Elegant Interiors

Carrer de Can Verí, 10, Palma

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