Bespoke interior design for compact living

Andrea Pussin demonstrates how a smaller space can lead to greater creativity and bold choices

Organic Studio demonstrate with this 85m2 apartment that having less space can be a catalyst for creativity and ingenuity. Living and working in an apartment of this size requires a stripping down to the essentials. Clutter should be avoided, which doesn’t mean opting for cool minimalism. In fact, this home and studio belonging to interior designer and Organic Studio owner, Andrea Pussin, transmits warmth as well as fantastic style. The distribution is intelligent and the décor unconventional.


Simplicity and comfort are priorities. Rather than create physical divisions to separate the different areas, Andrea Pussin has employed a variety of flooring and wallpaper. There are distinctive hexagonal black tiles in the kitchen and warm oak floorboards in the living area. The open plan design maximises on space, flow and functionality while the bold décor creates different atmospheres and keeps things interesting. Unusual for a contemporary Mallorcan home, this well- established interior designer has chosen a rich, dark palette of greens, greys and black. The bathroom has particularly striking leafy tiles which contrast with a black modern shower.

Texture and lighting

The apartment is testimony to Andrea’s understanding of texture in both textiles and lighting. From statement pendants to discreet LED wall-lights which neatly fold away, the requirement of each area has been carefully considered. These stylish fixtures illuminate designer furnishings and original decorations. Bronze, marble, wood and natural fibres can all be seen complementing each other. Beautiful but also practical; ultimately this apartment was designed for living in. It’s 85m2 successfully delivers ambiances which will motivate productivity, inspire social interaction as well as invite quiet relaxation. Organic Studio make design decisions which others may not dare too, and in doing so, achieve unique and exciting results.

Text by Emily Benet | Photos by Mauricio Fuertes

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