Planning on renovating a property on Mallorca? The island’s leading architects, developers, and professional builders can turn any construction project into your dream home or business on the Balearic Islands. It could be building a luxury villa from scratch, remodelling an old historic palacio, or maybe redesigning a Mediterranean garden. Interior designers, landscape gardeners and property experts on Mallorca are all on-hand to listen to your plans to build on Mallorca and turn a very simple idea into the next roof-top pool in Palma, luxury mansion in Son Vida or the newest Mallorca beach club.

Designer dentistry in Palma

The new Pronova Clinic combines minimalist design and innovative concepts which focus solely on the well-being of the patient.

Renovated town-house in Pollensa

Set on the picturesque sloping outskirts of Pollença, the transformation of this townhouse by Minimal Studio finds just the right balance.

The architect Jaime Salvà

Jaime Salvá prides himself on architecture that is born out of innovation, experience, and understanding – qualities that stand him apart from the rest.

353 Arquitectes Mallorca

353 Arquitectes construct some of the most beautiful properties on Mallorca through impeccable management, design and high-quality materials.

Feng Shui Architect Barbara Jurk

Atelier 8 does much more than design good-looking homes; founded by feng-shui master Barbara Jurk, it lays the foundations for health and prosperity.

PS Arquitectos

Architects and project managers with drive, vision and capability. PS Arquitectos thrive on the manifestation of outstanding residences.

Innovative architects on Mallorca

Could this be the hippest architect firm on Mallorca? Alejandro Palomino Arquitectos eschews the conventional to arrive at vanguard originality.

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