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An internationally successful Design team working at the top end of the market, now based in Mallorca.

If you are in search of a trusted design partner for architecture and interior design in Mallorca and beyond, anySCALE Architecture can provide you confidently with a professional and empathetic service. With experience across Asia and Europe, they uphold the highest design standards while sharing a belief on eye level and believing in the importance of space and its physical presence.

Founded and led by the congenial trio of Karin Hepp, Tom Chan, and Andreas Thomczyk, anySCALE embodies a fusion of decades of collective experience in architecture and interior design across multiple countries. Together, they have curated an extensive portfolio featuring a diverse range of projects such as commercial spaces, showrooms, offices, schools, luxury residences, and museum exhibitions.

Karin prioritizes client collaboration, crafting spaces that authentically reflect their distinct character and essence. Tom injects audacity and playfulness into his designs, transforming bold concepts into practical and thrilling spaces. Andreas, known for his distinctive style, distils his clients’ essence into singular focal points, resulting in environments that effortlessly blend comfort and style.

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How anySCALE can help you

Architecture and Interior Design

Tailored design consultations that align with the client’s vision, budget, and functional requirements, focusing on creating spaces that reflect timeless living.

Sustainable Design Solutions

Implementing eco-friendly materials and design strategies to ensure that each project not only looks great but also contributes to a sustainable future.

Space Planning

Utilising a systematic approach to space planning at the early stage of projects that optimises the use of area, enhances flow, and improves the overall experience of each space.

Custom Furniture Design

Offering bespoke furniture design services that add a unique touch to any interior, reflecting the client’s personal style and the project’s design ethos.

Renovation Services

Specialised in the revitalisation of existing spaces, anySCALE’s renovation services breathe new life into residential and commercial interiors.

Space Identity Design

Through a diligent process of client engagement and understanding, anySCALE delves into the core values, aesthetics, and aspirations of the client to craft spaces that tell a compelling visual story.

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Qualifications and awards

anySCALE has been recognised with multiple design excellence awards for their innovative approaches to interior design and architecture. They have received multiple German Design Awards, Red Dot Awards and Iconic Awards for Innovative Architecture, among others.

What anySCALE's clients say...

  • anySCALE designers are not only talented and hard-working, but also very open-minded, and I guess that this is one of the keys to their success.” – Olivier Boulay, Executive Director at Boulay & Pinatel
  • I could not be happier with both the process and the result. Andreas and Karin have great vision for space, coupled with a practical sense of what the client needs.” – Jim James, Entrepreneur, Coach, Radio Host
  • The faithful restoration of the Wuyuan Skywells Hotel manages to preserve cultural heritage and at the same time adapt it to a new use.” – Jury of Red Dot Award 2018
  • We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to anySCALE’s efforts and professionalism.” – Pan Shiyi, Chairman Soho China

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you work on both corporate and private projects?

By working on both corporate and private projects, anySCALE is able to broaden their design repertoire, stay versatile in their approach, and continuously challenge themselves creatively. This duality keeps them inspired and engaged but also allows them to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to each project, regardless of the scale or scope.

Do you benefit from designing projects in Asia and Europe at the same time?

Operating in two distinct regions allows anySCALE to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, traditions, and design philosophies. This exposure broadens perspective, fostering creativity and innovation by drawing inspiration from different sources. Overall, the synergy strengthens their position as a dynamic, forward-thinking design firm capable of meeting the diverse needs of clients in a rapidly evolving and interconnected world.

Are you experienced in designing hotels?

With their Skywell project, where they refurbished a 300-year-old courtyard into a boutique hotel, they have had the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in hotel design. The Skywell project marries luxury, comfort, and innovation.


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