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Every space tells a story. At PS Arquitectos, every project begins with a conversation – a dream shared over a cup of coffee. From these initial sparks of creativity, Pedro de Salvador Morell and his team of architects create designs that blend elegance, functionality, and personal touch. The goal is to create blueprints that reflect the unique vision of each client while capturing the tranquil charm of the island.

Pedro’s journey into architecture was inspired by his deep love for design and his desire to create living, breathing spaces with intention. From contemporary villas to rustic fincas, PS Arquitectos incorporates Mallorca’s light, textures, and colours into each design. With a keen eye for detail, Pedro oversees each phase of the project, ensuring that the design is executed flawlessly and meets the highest standards. PS Arquitectos aims to weave the dreams and desires of its clients into the walls and spaces they inhabit.

Central to their success is a network of trusted local suppliers and artisans. This collaboration guarantees that the essence of Mallorca is authentically woven into the fabric of every project. Each structure evokes the serenity of the sea and the warmth of the sun, thanks to natural materials and finishes.

With a blend of Mediterranean inspiration and personalised design, they continue to create masterpieces that harmonise with the natural landscapes of the island– making every new space a sanctuary.

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Pedro’s team creates spaces that are a perfect fusion of aesthetics, beauty, and functionality. Each project is a unique expression of contemporary design, where high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and innovative techniques are combined. Their focus is on creating elegant and harmonious homes that stand out for their sophistication and uniqueness.

Interior Design

PS Arquitectos’ interior design philosophy is inspired by the essence of Mallorca and the Mediterranean. By focusing on quality and authenticity, they achieve elegant and functional interiors that harmonise with their surroundings.

Project Management

The team is all about optimising costs, meeting deadlines, and ensuring high-quality finishes. With a comprehensive approach, they turn vision into reality, guaranteeing impeccable and harmonious results. They’ll take care of everything: from complying with local regulations to supervising every detail of the project, ensuring flawless execution.

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Qualifications and awards

Pedro de Salvador Morell holds a degree in architecture and two postgraduate degrees – in urban and land planning law and in project management.

What PS Arquitectos' clients say...

  • “It’s very easy to work with Pedro. He is a talented architect who manages projects on time, within budget, and with a high level. I recommend working with him.” – Peter B.
  • “During the project, we were living in England and Pedro always kept us informed about all the work being done with calls, emails, photos, etc.” – Nod. A.
  • “I would highlight the dedication and commitment to the comprehensive management of the project from the initial sketches to the follow-up of the work and the final key handover.” – Daniel B.
  • “Pedro has high professional capabilities and his cost control is very good. I can say that without Pedro’s help we would not have been able to carry out the project. Therefore, I can only sincerely recommend PS Arquitectos.” – Ake F.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the design process approached at PS Arquitectos?
The design process at PS Arquitectos begins with an initial consultation to understand the project’s needs and vision. A detailed plan is developed that includes design concepts, material and finish selection, and comprehensive planning that ensures harmony between architecture and interior design.

What types of projects do you manage?
PS Arquitectos manages a wide variety of projects, from new residential constructions to renovations and rehabilitations. Their specialty includes projects requiring a personalised and detailed approach in design and execution.

How do you ensure cost control and deadlines?
PS Arquitectos uses a rigorous project management approach, supervising each phase of the project to ensure budgets and deadlines are met. This includes detailed planning, selecting reliable suppliers, and efficiently managing all resources.

How are unforeseen events or changes managed during the project?
PS Arquitectos is prepared to manage any unforeseen events or changes that may arise during the project. Their flexible approach and experience in handling challenges ensure that the project progresses smoothly, adapting to changing needs without compromising quality or deadlines.

What is the level of client participation during the project?
PS Arquitectos clients can participate as much as they wish. The firm maintains constant communication, providing regular updates and ensuring clients are informed and satisfied with the project’s progress.


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