A stylish architect’s home on Mallorca

Elena García Ruíz architect and garden designer
Elena García Ruíz

Architecture is not only my profession, it’s also my way of life.” With these words the architect and garden designer Elena García-Ruíz presents her home to us. Light, nature and style prevail in her house – and everything is surrounded by a lush garden.

Elena has architecture in her blood and has been continuously working on numerous projects since the age of 24 (holiday resorts, residential developments and town houses).“At home we always talked about architecture”, she claims.

The home of Elena and her family is a jewel from the ‘60s, which was renovated and is – thanks to its privileged location in the Tramuntana mountains – surrounded by abundant and magical vegetation.

“The living room connected to the porch is our centre during the months from spring to autumn. The garden is transformed into a comfortable and modern living space that way,” explains the architect, whose passion is the design of gardens.

Contemporary art and unusual objects are spread around the premises. A fish painted on one of the walls is the result of a visit from the great artist José Maria Sicilia. Her liking for local artists is proven by the works of Bernardí Roig, Ramón Canet, and Nacho Frisuelos, which alternate with rectilinear elegant sculptures, done by Elena herself, and confirm her ‘architectural genes’.

Important names from the world of modern interior design such as Le Corbusier, Charles Eames, and Patricia Urquiola can be found in the choice of furniture. “For me the decór store Decágono in Palma is indispensable, I find everything there.”

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