The artists in Mallorca you’ll want to meet

Talented, fiercely creative and proud to be producing artwork in the Med

Artists in Mallorca

When you’ve settled into life in Mallorca and bought the property of your dreams, you’ll want to add a touch of Mediterranean style to the interior. By getting to know the local art scene, you’ll discover plenty of local and international talented artists living and working on Mallorca, providing you with the inspiration you need to decorate your new home.

There are some interesting artists based here who draw influence from a number of different art movements. As soon as you dip your toe into the world of art in Mallorca, you’re likely to appreciate the diversity of artwork produced here. The bright Mediterranean light and beautiful Mallorcan coastline is an inspiration for artists from all over the world.

Many artists who relocate to Mallorca do so for its vibrant cultural scene. If you’re a painter yourself, you’ll feel right at home at the many art exhibitions, fairs and events that are held every year. Undoubtedly, Palma is the strongest pull for artists with galleries around every corner, but you’ll also find pockets of artistic inspiration in smaller places like Alaró, Pollensa and Deiá. It’s not surprising that artists in Mallorca tend to live in the quieter parts, with many choose to live nestled away in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range.

Many of the artists below can be visited at their Mallorcan studios where they will be happy to take you on a tour of their work and show you what is available for purchase. In the renovation of her home in Son Vida, editor Dr Helen Cummins sought creative inspiration from some of the artists below including Francesca Martí and Joan Avila (see below).

Local artists in Mallorca

Julie Mai

The art of encaustic painting – painting with hot wax – began thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece. Artist Julie Mai continues this tradition in the charming mountain village of Fornalutx where she creates pieces with soul that invoke balance and earthen connection. Her palette ranges from natural tones to vibrant pinks and reds, and her technique creates translucency in the work that seemingly dances with natural light.

Sally Wood

The mostly large-format canvases of Sally Wood mix reality and fantasy into dynamic scenes of color, light, and shadow. Her unique relationship with Mallorca gives way to the island’s recurring appearance as a theme in her work as reimagined scenes of cityscapes and the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

Elena Gual

Elena Gual is classically trained in oil painting, but when she became allergic to the turpentine used for thinning her paints she turned to her palette knife and began experimenting with what would quickly become her signature painting style. Gual uses the palette knife to spread earthen tones across the canvas, crafting impressively life-like subjects with a 3D texture that catches the gaze.

Young Mallorcan artist goes global

Elena Gual is a local painter and resilient young woman with international flair. This year, Gallery RED is taking her work, an exploration of female strength, to New York. Next year, who knows?

Max Patté

Multi-media contemporary artist Max Patté quickly established himself in Mallorca after his move from New Zealand. His large-scale sculptures, light works and paintings emanate the hypnotizing power of the infinite through celestial motifs that invite viewers into dimensions of bold colour and shape. Represented by galleries in London, Paris, New York, Vienna and New Zealand, you can also find his work in Mallorca’s esteemed Gallery RED.

Vera Edwards

Born to a family of creatives, Vera Edwards was always encouraged to nurture her artistic streak. Working in her studio in the agrarian outskirts of Felanitx, she finds inspiration for her oil paintings in the earthy tones of the rock, stone, sheep, and nature surrounding her. Her works reflect the softness of life in Mallorca, playing with Iight and shadows to paint a picture of moments often lost to time.

Art Inspired by Life

Step into Vera Edwards’ art sanctuary in Felanitx, an artistic haven of oil paintings inspired by nature, family, and etymology of words.

Alex Jolig

Alex Jolig has been sharing his art with the world for over 20 years. Creating abstract impressions in large format acrylic, oil with texture on canvas, intriguing objects, photo art and multi-part series, his works characterise the meeting point of authentic expression and sophisticated talent.

Jaume Roig

Mallorcan artist Jaume Roig is known for his organic form ceramics, sculptures, and paintings; he creates objects that look both hollow and solid, almost dream-like but rooted in nature at the same time. He makes his pieces by hand in his workshop near Ses Salines. Roig exhibits his work across Mallorca and Spain, and since 2021, he has been working with New York gallery Les Ateliers Coubert.

Adriana Meunié

In a small, stone-built farmhouse near Ses Salines, textile artist Adriana Meunié lives with her pet goat, Henry Petit, and a generous stock of wool and grass. She works in rhythm with the natural world around her, often spending weeks braiding natural fibers – sheep’s wool, ropes, native grasses and leaves – into her artwork. Her pieces can be seen both internationally and closer to home at the minimalist masterpiece Es Raco d’Artà and luxury retreat Can Cera.

The Alaró Beehive

The Alaró Beehive started in an old rustic shoe factory in Alaró as a space for local artists, creatives and visionaries to meet. Co-founded by 3 Danish artists – Katrin, Monica and Anja – a shared passion for creativity led them on a journey to create a community where the island’s artists could share their work. Now, The Beehive hosts curated art pop-ups showcasing the creations of Mallorca’s finest artists and artisans.

Alaró Beehive

Why Mallorca is a magnet for artists

Katrin, Monica and Anja are the founders of The Alaró Beehive, a community of artists in Mallorca. Here they share why the island is a magnet for creative people.

Grason Rotowsky

American artist Grason Rotowsky is based the tiny hamlet of Jornets, just outside of Inca. It is here the Expressionist artist carries out his work in a colourful studio made up of huge canvases and sea of paint pots. Attracted by Mallorca’s slower tempo, Grason made the move from Manhattan with his wife Lo to embark on a more rustic life, where creativity could flow. “My works are physical representations of the extruded subconscious. Fragments of memories, experiences and imagination come forth…” says Grason.

Artist Grason Ratowsky

Exchanging the buzzing New York metropolis for the sedate Mallorcan countryside, painter Grason Ratowsky has found the perfect retreat for exploring his creativity – and starting a family.

Francesca Martí

Francesca Martí is one of Mallorca’s most beloved artists. She was born in Sóller where she still lives and works. She emerged on the Spanish art scene in the early 1990s and her work quickly became internationally-recognised. Never limited to just one medium, Francesca works in paint, sculpture, photography, video, performance and music. If you want a piece of art that is politically-charged and unafraid of highlighting the issues facing our society, then you’ll be fascinated by Francesca’s Believers – an army of sculptures who walk the walls.

Joan Ávila

Joan Ávila has become something of a Mallorcan celebrity known for his striking paintings on wood using acrylic and resin paint. His style is described as a mix of Graffiti-style and Lettristique. He’s celebrated as a real master craftsman without exhibiting any awards to his name.  Joan is based in Barcelona, but much of his work can be found in Palma.

Artist Joan Àvila Fuster

Joan Àvila Fuster is celebrated as a master Mallorcan craftsman, creating broad, striking pictures on wood with acrylic and resin paint. His style is a mix of Graffiti-style and Letterism.

Arturo Rhodes

Ask anyone who lives in Deià if they know of a good artist, and the name Arturo Rhodes is likely to arise first. Born in London in 1944, Arturo studied at the Watford School of Art and then travelled extensively in the 60s. A lucky encounter in Deià led him to renting a house in the village and the rest he says is history! His surreal paintings are witty, funny and famously story-based. Collectors of his work include Sir Roger McGough, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sinéad O’Connor, Sir Richard Branson, and John Cleese.

Sadly, Arturo Rhodes passed away in May 2021. His memory lives on in the minds of the locals who knew and loved him.

Deià artist Arturo Rhodes

The eccentric English artist Arturo Rhodes is a favourite of many well-known celebrities who are regular visitors to the Tramuntana area – once you have met him, you will never forget him!

Barbara Weil

Colourful artist Barbara Weil made the move to Mallorca in 1967 from Holland after choosing to settle in Port Andratx with her husband and four children. Barbara studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago and is known on the art scene for her use of bright block colours. Her painting and sculpture studio overlooks the sea in Port Andratx and was designed by the famous architect Daniel Libeskind. The studio itself is just as impressive as the artwork inside and is well-worth visiting if you’re in Port Andratx.

Barbara Weil sadly passed away in 2018, but her creative energy lives on through her studio which is still open to the public.

Cecilie Sheridan

After moving to Deià almost 50 years ago, local artist Cecilie Sheridan is firmly rooted in the village’s art community. She is one of Deià’s most active artists, who alongside her late husband George Sheridan, positioned the luxury hotel Belmond La Residencia at the heart of their creative circle. Over the years, Cecilie and George have created some of the most amazing artwork, most of which is now positioned with pride at Belmond La Residencia. Cecilie also organises exhibitions at the hotel’s Sa Tafona Art Gallery which introduces a new artist every couple of weeks. She also runs the Deià Walk and Talk art tour – available for hotel guests staying at the Belmond La Residencia.

Understanding the local art scene is one of the best ways to feel more integrated in Mallorca. By visiting a local artist, you can access another perspective and perhaps view the island in a way you hadn’t considered previously. The artists above have helped redefine the art scene in Mallorca, so that the island is recognised for being more than just its beach bars and clubs. When you look deeper, Mallorca is a place of cultural movement. Underneath its sparkling veneer, there is a whole body of artists working hard to push boundaries and show us what authentic Mallorca is really about.

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