Twenty Years of Artistic Transformation

A painting started 20 years ago began a journey of artistic exploration and personal growth for Sally Anne Wood

Artist Sally Anne Wood

As a youngster, Sally was always with a crayon in hand, but when her life was uprooted as a teenager her artistic pursuits were put on hold. Her family moved to Mallorca from the UK, and within 6 months they were dealt a devastating blow when her brother was killed suddenly in an accident. Her parents eventually decided to return to England to heal, while she stayed on at 19 years old having unknowingly met her future husband already.

Sally’s need to create took hold again once she’d settled and established her life and young family in Bunyola, driven by a profound quest to understand the soul’s purpose through painting.

The Maze of Life

The self-taught oil painter draws from her experiences, with a parallel of evolution visible in both her life and art. The Maze of Life began over 20 years ago and came to completion in 2023, followed by a series of 21 additional smaller artworks that will ultimately form the collection.

Sally tells us how the huge painting delves into the intricate labyrinth of existence and seeks alignment within the chaos. It portrays the dynamic interplay between light and shadow, death and birth, and the “maze of life” we all live in. “I knew that it was a process of life. I’ve kept it alive because I’ve grown with the picture,” she explains. “The ups and downs, the in and out of doorways, the crossing over of bridges. Flipping from chaos and fear to compassion and joy, and peace and growth.”

Sally’s artistic inspiration flows daily, and since beginning that first piece, she hasn’t stopped. Her mostly large-format canvases have filled a warehouse and a studio, and she isn’t slowing down. Reimagined scenes of Mallorca are a recurring theme, all with astounding detail. “I have patiently curated many styles and many collections, waiting for the right moment to reveal my work to a wider audience,” she says. Now, Sally is finally ready to share her talent, taking private viewings and looking to selectively exhibit in the future and, ultimately, share her joy of art.

Text by Ché Miller | Photos by Sara Savage 

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