Mallorca in July

Smell the pine trees and feel the soft sand between your toes. July in Mallorca is every postcard you ever saw of the Mediterranean.


101 Best Photos of Mallorca

It’s a colourful life in Mallorca. Here, Helen Cummins chooses her favourite 101 photos of the island. It was no easy task…

Swapping London for Mallorca

One family, two cats, a bar bet and a dire need for space; meet the Bennetts, who share their story of leaving London and buying a big house in Mallorca.


With its abundance of luxury villas, world-class golfing and air of serenity, the neighbourhood of Bendinat stands out as one of Mallorca’s most exclusive.

Atypical, discreet Bendinat villa

This stunning atypical villa by Arquitectura 81 in Bendinat allows residents to relax and reconnect with nature within the confines of their own home.

Buyer’s Agent at your service

Avoid the common mistakes many buyers make when buying a property in Mallorca. Make SMARTER decisions. Save Money. Optimise your Time.

Espacio Home Design x Molteni

Molteni Mallorca Opening 2024

Discover the opening event at John Pawson’s Neuendorf House, transformed into Can Molteni Mallorca.