“Sustainability should determine what we do every day”

Birgit Müller on cooking with a clear conscious

Birgit Müller has, once again, proved her acumen for trends. Birgit Müller’s designer kitchens have been FSC-certified since 2010, an approval that comes from the world’s most comprehensive certification system for responsible forestry. With all her kitchens made out of sustainable materials, Birgit Müller and her team fulfil the strict requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The wood, for example, originates from forests that are responsibly managed. “We are really proud of this certification. Sustainability should determine what we do every day,” presses Birgit. Through using materials that come from natural wood and stone, Birgit is able to plan high-quality designer kitchens. “Those who are careful with nature are also taking care of their children, and their children’s children.”

There is a good reason why Birgit Müller is renowned as the “Queen of kitchens”. Her kitchen concepts have been successful on Mallorca for 20 years, in which she has become a true pioneer for innovative kitchen designs. Most of which are bought by design-enthusiasts looking to have something prestigious in their homes.

This businesswoman is originally from Münsterland, the epicentre of the German kitchen industry, and is proud to follow in the footsteps of her family. All of whom who have been in the furniture industry for three generations. She opened her first studio in 1999 in Port d’Andratx and the second followed in 2005 in Palma. “With the discovery of the kitchen island as a design element, the significance of the kitchen took on a whole new dimension,” she explains. Cooking is a sociable event in which guests feel a part of it, either through keeping the cook company or contributing a recipe. “The kitchen is the new hub of social activity” she says, recognising the need to design kitchens that are practical during sociable occasions. She listens to current trends while using her many years of experience to create new concepts. Together, she has mastered a confident style which is praised for its originality. With a wide choice of materials, her kitchens have become her signature trademark. Through combining materials harmoniously, it is only through texture that there are clear variations. An example would be blackened oak and metal fronts which are matched with bronze glass tiles, granite worktops and embossed leather. A real work of art.

Work’s, one of the concepts on offer is a popular model which provides maximum cooking comfort through its 350-degree turning storage spaces. This design uses a shaded mirror as its front which conceals each rotating cupboard unit perfectly. It is smooth, easy to access and can be individually arranged to suit every cooking requirement.

“A kitchen is where cooking is fun” says Michelin-starred chef Marc Fosh. A theme which runs throughout Birgit’s work. “A kitchen isn’t supposed to just impress, it is there for cooking in – it is a work area, a space which should produce good things, something that connects people and brings them together,” emphasises Birgit.

“On Mallorca, there is a different atmosphere to the one in Germany in the way we plan kitchens. People build their dream home here and take plenty of time to consider its planning and design.” It’s a luxury that contributes to the quality of life, to create nothing else but memorable moments.

Photos by Sara Savage

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