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T&S Home & Designs - Nina and StephanWhen searching for the perfect indoor or outdoor furniture for your property in Mallorca, it´s important to know that it is produced sustainable with beautiful hand-made quality, and ethically sourced raw materials. Whether you´re searching for furniture for a hotel, restaurant, private home or business inventory, you want a supplier who works proactively to provide a personalised service guaranteeing exclusive furniture pieces with the utmost attention to detail, color, design, and raw materials — T&S Home & Living does just that.

But, what makes T&S Home & Living stand out from their competitors? Their commitment to ethical global trade and over 20 years of successfully partnering with their expert team and production site in Vietnam, guarantees the highest quality pieces at the best price points.

Thoughtfully designed furniture

T&S offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture styles to create the ambiance that you´re looking for with a repertoire of designs ranging from classic to uniquely modern. Whether you´re looking for a timeless solid wood dining set that will last throughout years of family meals, or a stylish wicker daybed for lounging in the summer sun, their pieces are made with high-quality materials and easy-care products that are designed for use and durability. This is especially important for those purchasing outdoor furniture in Mallorca where weather conditions range from one extreme to the other year-round. Since 2021, T&S has provided versatile, sustainable furniture and accessories for customers under its own brand mypureliving in the online shop of the same name.

Committed to sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of this business, and not only in the sense that their pieces are made to be durable and long-lasting. As global supply chains become increasingly complex, they consistently work to strengthen transparency, ethics and environmental sustainability within their global procurement strategy. This is proven by their commitment to the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct which aims to improve people’s standard of living, use natural resources responsibly and promote fair trade worldwide.

They take their commitment to sustainability to the next level with their tailor-made packaging, streamlining what conventional furniture companies would ship to you in four boxes into just one. This efficient packaging requires 59% less volume and 64% less packaging material than conventional methods, which translates directly into T&S customers paying significantly less for packaging, storage, and shipping.

Getting to know T&S

Over 20 years ago, T&S made their first contact with local producers, factories and partners in Vietnam. In 2018 they moved into their new office and showroom in Ho Chi Minh City under German-Vietnamese management. Now, they can work even more closely hand in hand across countries with employees and suppliers to uphold their commitment to the highest standard of ethics when sourcing quality materials.

Behind T&S stands Thomas Berg, Stephan Sander and Nina Sander bringing a wealth of experience, and passion to their business as well as providing customers with timelessly elegant sustainable furniture. Together, T&S combines international business and furniture expertise to offer their services in German, English, Vietnamese and Spanish.

“We all pursue the same goal: we want to produce beautiful and durable furniture under fair conditions and in compliance with social standards, as well as contributing to the careful use of resources.”

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How T&S Home & Living can help you

Customised outdoor furniture

T&S offers a wide range of outdoor furniture that not only gives any garden character, but also creates a favorite place to enjoy the beautiful Mallorcan sunshine. Their loungers, deckchairs, side tables, dining sets and lounge sets are available in an array of ethically sourced materials, such as solid wood, aluminium, and wicker. Whether modern or classic, their designs create a stylish and relaxed atmosphere.

Customised indoor furniture

Along with outdoor furniture, they specialize in producing furniture that elegantly completes your indoor spaces. Their pieces shine with timeless design while enriching your everyday life with innovative functions. Made with long-lasting high quality materials, these pieces are meant to be used and enjoyed every day. Their benches, wardrobes, stools and dining sets can be produced in solid wood, aluminium and wicker.

Furniture for the hotel & catering industry

The stylish and durable pieces produced by T&S are perfect for furnishing projects in the hotel and catering industries. Their beautifully designed day beds, loungers, deckchairs, beanbags, lounge sets, dining tables and chairs are sure to impress clients. These pieces can be crafted in solid wood, aluminium and wicker depending on the needs of your project´s aesthetic vision.

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Qualifications and awards

Over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the furniture industry and B2B business. T&S is the proud recipient of various honours and awards, including the 2022 FSC® Award and the 2023 BEST OF DESIGN AWARD from SCHÖNER WOHNEN for four different products. These awards recognize outstanding design from fifteen important furnishing areas including ergonomics, functionality, and sustainability. They have also been awarded the Employer of the Future Award, presented by the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalisation (DIND) for innovation in employer/employee conditions and quality of life.

What T&S Home & Living clients say...

  • “Top products and first place in customer satisfaction. I was very impressed with the quality of the products and how the aftersales team solved any problems easily. Highly recommended!”
  • “Bought a second set! We bought the same set again within a fortnight. What else can I say? Top quality!”
  • “Impeccable delivery, high-quality furniture and easy assembly. Colour of the upholstery as shown, it’s also nice that replacement covers are included.”
  • “A really great company. Great products! Everything worked out perfectly!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose T&S?
With more than 20 years of experience in the furniture industry, T&S has proven their ability to provide excellent, customised service and high-quality furniture. Their strong focus on functionality and sustainability means that you know your furniture will not only be beautiful, but also ethically made. They carefully craft their designs using an exciting mix of materials to create unique, durable pieces.

In which size and/or colour are the individual products available?
The furniture is manufactured individually for each customer, which means that almost anything is possible! T&S works directly with their suppliers to provide a diverse array of high quality materials for their designs.

Is it possible to receive a sample?
Yes, of course! They work closely with you during the design process to make sure your pieces fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations.

Where do you deliver to?
They deliver their products worldwide.


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