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Is there anything more dear to all of us than our family, health or home? For some, taking care of these important aspects of other people’s lives is more than an ideal, but a reality. After a long and intense career in finance managing international transactions, Rafael Belloch decided to take the leap and move towards a slower pace of life in Mallorca since 2012.

Mallorcan Connection

Being raised in Valencia by a Mallorcan mother always meant having a close connection with the island. “Living here feels like a never-ending honeymoon and it’s honestly the perfect place to live for sports and culture lovers like me who enjoy the sea, the mountains, and the exciting international scene,” Rafael says, admitting he is an avid fan of kite-surfing, hiking and mountain biking.

Career & Work Life

After studying business management and earning an International MBA with specialisation in finance at IE Madrid/Boston, Rafael worked in London and Paris for a while. “Most of my career has been in Madrid, Valencia, and Mallorca, but always with international transactions as financial advice is global after all,” he explains.

Since moving to Mallorca, Rafael has shifted his focus to work on wealth and financial management as well as a health insurance provider. Working closely with people at an individual level and helping them in any way he can is much more in line with his personality.

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Financial Services Expertise

Rafael is great at naturally connecting with people and takes pleasure in helping guide others through unknown territory, solving any problems necessary. “When someone chooses to move to Spain, they are confronted with many new challenges such as a high wealth tax/inheritance or questions about financial protection and the local health system. I always offer them the best insider advice/service possible so they feel safe in every way,” he adds. He also contributes to his local community, actively supporting the JoyRon Foundation as Vice President, to help children in need within the Balearic Islands.

Tips for moving to Mallorca

When asked what essential advice he would give to someone who just moved to the Mallorca, he says:

“First, get the right financial advice; then, make sure you protect what is important to you – your health, your life, your family, your home; and lastly, join a community or network to build the right social and business contacts on the island.”


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