Flavours of the Mediterranean

Whip up these delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes in your kitchen

More than anything, it’s the famous Mediterranean diet that most encapsulates the region’s diverse variety and sits at the heart of the Mediterranean way of life. We chose some of our favourite dishes that capture the simple essence of Mediterranean cooking – healthy, fresh, delicious, and of course best enjoyed al fresco!

Strawberry Gazpacho

While the origins of gazpacho are uncertain – some say Roman, others Moorish – it’s Andalusia who have claimed the dish as their own. This version adds the fruity zing of strawberries for added refreshment.

Tomato & mozzarella salad

Juicy tomatoes combining with creamy mozzarella and the piquant hit of rocket – there’s something sublime about the simplicity of this salad. And splash of basil-infused oil really makes it shine.

Cod with cauliflower puree

Seafood features highly in the Mediterranean diet and, while cod is not native, salt cod is a popular staple. Here, the cauliflower puree provides a velvety contrast to the al dente bite of spiralised courgette.

Watermelon and Feta Salad

This simple salad relies on the freshness of the ingredients to do the talking. The alternating checkerboard of sweet watermelon with salty feta makes both sing, with pomegranate seeds providing the tart top notes.

Seared chicken breast with romesco sauce

The nut and red pepper-based Romesco sauce originated in Catalonia, where the fishermen made it to be eaten with fish. However, it works just as well in this delicious dish of chicken with cannellini beans.

Chilled cucumber soup

With a range of vitamins, minerals and even anti-inflammatory properties, the humble cucumber boasts a surprising number of health benefits, making this cold soup as good for you as it is deliciously hydrating.

Angel food cake

This butter-free cake is naturally low in fat and gets its airy lift from beaten egg whites. Here lemon curd and whipped kefir combine with macerated strawberries and toasted pistachio for a heavenly end to your meal.

Chef: Aoiffe MacHale | Photos by Sara Savage