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Considering living and/or doing business in Mallorca? Speak to Dr. Helen Cummins (HC),
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SLOW – live better, not faster!

Back in September 2019, HC published her first SLOW Living magazine, at a time when we were all struggling to keep pace with our busy lives. Little did we know that within six months, the world would grind to a halt and we would all be forced to slow down. While it was insightful of her to be ahead of the curve, HC consistently intuits luxury lifestyle trends, and could already sense major changes were afoot.

Research shows one of the biggest shifts in behaviour since the pandemic is that people are no longer prepared to wait until retirement age to live their dream life – they want it now! People are prioritising quality of life over quantity in life – looking to find joy in simple pleasures in the present moment – the definition of SLOW living. There is now greater awareness that existence as we know it can dramatically change from one day to another; therefore we need to seize the moment, to step into our best life now.

About Dr Helen Cummins

HC, her husband, Georg and daughter, Eva reside in the elegant enclave of Son Vida, a short distance from the capital city. Regularly hosting wellness retreats in Palma and entertaining guests at her self-designed villa, she wholeheartedly embraces Mallorca’s SLOW Living philosophy.

Family, friends, community and wellness are some of HC’s primary loves. If she’s not hosting a business networking lunch for local entrepreneurs or leading a transformative wellness retreat, she can be found tackling exhilarating cycle routes in the Tramuntana, or trying Mallorca’s best restaurants. You can gain a window into her paradisiacal family home courtesy of Hello! magazine here.


Helen began her business career in her native Ireland, working in sales, marketing and public relations in the financial services sector. She holds a Diploma in Training and Development, an MBA from University College Cork, and a DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) from Nottingham Trent University in Strategic Management Development.

Why Mallorca?

The largest of the Balearic Islands remains a premium holiday destination for millions of Europeans and in recent years, a growing number of North Americans are also discovering the breathtaking natural beauty and the alluring heritage of Mallorca. The island’s reputation is also growing as a sought-after place for astute investors to buy property – with residential property prices increasing consistently for decades.

As more and more of an affluent populace realise the many benefits of living in the Mediterranean including year-round sunshine, stunning landscapes and coastline, a lively cultural scene and delicious healthy local cuisine – it’s no wonder why Mallorca is the number 1 destination of choice with those who could quite easily live anywhere!

In addition, with many entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives now being able to work remotely, Mallorca is seen as an attractive island on which to settle while maintaining work abroad. This has led to many digital nomads buying a property near the sea or mountains and working from a home immersed in Mediterranean charm. Find out here why living in Mallorca ticks all the boxes and how it can encourage you to enjoy life better, not faster.

Although very much hands-on in her business, Helen enjoys a full and happy personal life with her German husband, Georg, and daughter, Eva. They live in the exclusive area of Son Vida on the hill overlooking Palma, which has been fully re-styled by Helen into a comfortable family home, where they often entertain friends for lunch or dinner.

Fine wines, gastronomic cuisine and cultural interests are other passions Helen shares with her husband – both in Mallorca and on their regular travels to some of the world’s most exciting destinations. She has invaluable knowledge about planning and booking these trips – and getting the most out of travel experiences.

In short, Helen Cummins’ experience makes helencummins.com a unique guide for living on Mallorca where she draws from her more than 20 years of local knowledge. Her recommendations are invaluable for those looking to make Mallorca their permanent or semi-permanent home. Her connections with island real estate agents and property experts have also helped inform her website, where she offers the very best information relating to buying property in Mallorca.

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