Why Choose to Live in Mallorca?

Discover the Mediterranean life you’ve been dreaming of

Living in Mallorca, Port Andratx

While Mallorca remains a top holiday destination for millions of Europeans looking for beach and sunshine, the island’s reputation as a sought after place to invest in property has grown over the years. More and more people around the world are recognising the many benefits of living in the Mediterranean which guarantees year-round sunshine, breathtaking landscapes, a lively cultural scene and delicious local cuisine. However, Mallorca goes further than that. Its vibrant capital, Palma de Mallorca, is a hotbed for new businesses bringing an international mix of cultures, influences and values.

In addition, with many people now being able to work remotely, Mallorca is seen as an attractive place to settle while maintaining work abroad. This has led to many internationals buying a property near the sea or mountains and working from a home with Mediterranean calm.

Find out here why Mallorca ticks all the boxes when it comes to living in the Mediterranean and how it can help you enjoy life that little bit slower.

why choose to live in Mallorca

1. Year-round sunshine

Mallorca has over 300 days of sunshine every year. When it rains or clouds over, it is usually welcomed amongst locals since it feels so unusual. Every day the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the air feels warm. You’ll find around six weeks of cold weather at the start of the year when you’ll need heating and add a few layers of clothing. However, as the island heads into spring the warmth returns and you’re looking at full year ahead of hot Mediterranean weather. Waking up every day to the sun shining helps you feel more positive and grateful for living in such a beautiful place.
Caló d'es Moro Mallorca

Mallorca: a Mediterranean microcosm

Ever more people are looking to what is seen as the simpler and sunnier climes of life in the Mediterranean. But why are so many drawn to Mallorca?

why choose to live in Mallorca

2. No language barriers

Even though knowledge of Spanish is highly recommended, there are many foreigners who live in Mallorca that only speak their native tongue. English and German in particular are spoken so widely across the island that it is possible to get by without knowing Spanish. Many businesses are targeted at the foreign market meaning that you can live day-to-day in your chosen language without the worry of not being understood. However, if you plan to spend a long time in Mallorca learning Spanish and even the island’s local language Mallorquín, will help you integrate much quicker.
why choose to live in Mallorca

3. Professional services

Over the years, Mallorca has attracted many professionals in sectors ranging from architecture and interior design to medicine and hospitality. The quality of services available on the island is extremely high and matches anything that you’ll find in other countries. Mallorca might be a small island but its infrastructure is very good and you’ll find that there is very little need to leave the island for anything. The best of Mallorca’s services are usually found in its capital, Palma de Mallorca, where there is a high concentration of restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools and clinics. However, that is not to say that in other parts of the island there is nothing at all. In each region, you’ll find many trusted services operating at a high level.
why choose to live in Mallorca

4. The beautiful outdoors

The Mediterranean is characterised by beautiful sea and mountains, but land on Mallorca and you’ll discover nature at a whole new level. The UNESCO Sierra de Tramuntana is covered in thick woodland, perfect for calming pine walks and hiking with friends. There are still many beaches in Mallorca that are only accessible by foot or boat meaning that the island remains largely unspoiled. In the last years, the Balearic government has tightened the laws on new builds, which has kept the Mallorcan coastline protected from development. Therefore, don’t be fooled in thinking Mallorca is full of hotels and bars, much of its coastline is uninterrupted white sand and palm trees.

The Meaning of Mediterranean Living

The Spanish dream home goes well beyond its inner four walls. Gardens, patios, terraces and balconies give an extra dimension to your new life in the sun.

why choose to live in Mallorca

5. Wonders for your health

For many people who have lived in cities their whole lives, the change to living in Mallorca greatly benefits their health. If you’re used to working long hours and spending a lot of time indoors, Mallorca’s warm weather and fresh sea air can help boost your immune system. Within a few months of moving to Mallorca, it is not uncommon to hear of people with allergies that have eased resulting in a kick of increased energy. Even if you still spend a lot of time behind the computer, eating lunch in the sun or going for a swim after work all contributes to feeling happier and healthier.

6. Good connections

Since the 1950s, Mallorca tourist market has secured itself as one of the strongest in Europe. This has led to Palma de Mallorca becoming home to Spain’s third busiest airport, falling not far behind Madrid and Barcelona. It is one of the 25 busiest airports in Europe with frequent flights to the mainland, neighbouring Balearic Islands as well as big European capitals. With daily flights to cities like Barcelona, London and Berlin it is easy to make connections to far-flung destinations such as the USA, China and Australia. Mallorca might be surrounded by Mediterranean Sea but within 30mins you can be on the mainland, and from there, the world is at your feet.
why choose to live in Mallorca

7. Cosmopolitan lifestyle

The expat community in Mallorca is a tapestry of different cultures. While German, British, French and Scandinavians make up a huge proportion of the population, there are people from all over the world who live in Mallorca. This has led to a thriving cosmopolitan lifestyle, where influences from abroad have meshed with the local culture. This is seen no clearer than in the food sector, where you can find French breads, English roast dinners and German bratwurst. Palma is home to the widest variety of expat businesses given the trendy neighbourhood of Santa Catalina and its connection with Paseo Maritímo.
why choose to live in Mallorca

8. Easy to buy property

The real estate market is one of the strongest sectors in Mallorca. This is owed to the professionals who know the island inside and out and are willing to go that extra mile in helping you find your new home. Mortgages, bank loans and taxes can be tricky in Spain but Mallorca is home to reputable real estate agents that can really help. The industry offers the complete package ensuring that you’re never left in the dark or unsure of which step to take next. Mallorca’s real estate services are available in a wide range of languages too, making sure you feel as comfortable as possible from sealing the deal to moving in.

9. A great education

If you’re moving to Mallorca with children, then feel rest assured that the island is home to some amazing international schools. Particularly around the capital Palma de Mallorca, there are schools that follow British, German and French curriculums. Teachers come from all over the world to work in Mallorca which promises a diverse learning environment. Children from expat families also benefit from learning lots of languages in Mallorca. It is not uncommon for students to graduate at 18 with a high level of Spanish, Catalan, English and German – all of which are highly sought after in the global workplace.
why choose to live in Mallorca

10. Creative energy

Mallorca is well-known amongst locals for possessing a very strong creative power. In villages like Deià and Valldemossa, artists buy property for their proximity to the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and sea. Mallorca is full of bright blues, greens and turquoises and is blessed with a light that international artists say makes it perfect for painting. Whatever your artistic passion, if you move to Mallorca you’ll join a thriving community of writers, artists and musicians. While many live in far-off remote places, you can make connections at one of the festivals, gallery openings and exhibitions that take place all year round.

Mallorcan culture matters

International artists, musicians and designers come to Mallorca to celebrate its creative history and tradition. It’s a magnet for cultural enthusiasts!

There are many reasons to move to Mallorca, but as highlighted above, the island can offer you a range of long-term benefits. It is a uniquely special place in the Mediterranean, home to the most beautiful landscapes, talented creatives and amazing infrastructure. You might find it hard to believe that such a small island can provide so much, but as soon as your feet land in Palma de Mallorca you start to sense that Mallorca offers more than first meets the eye. It is the perfect place to settle down and prioritise a healthy way of living – surrounded by beautiful mountains and sea.