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Helen Cummins

Winter sunshine dappling her face, she strolls towards a side street and slips through an archway into the gallery cum café. Beginning to liven again after the post-lunch lull, the space buzzes with conversation and the clink of coffee cups. It’s a place for discovering art; for meeting interesting acquaintances; a favourite secret corner of Palma.

Meet Sarah. Just one year ago, Sarah dedicated all her energy to her career at a big-name publishing house. She was accomplished, successful and materially very well off. There were five-star holidays, and she could splurge on a new wardrobe every season if she so wished – but there was a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction, and ever-increasing stress.

Afternoons were spent in pressured meetings, never like this, she reflected. This was worth more than any standard designer closet. This is the new luxury: time. The freedom to escape, to explore, to experience all the pleasure immersive travel brings. Opening up this exciting alternative world, is HelenCummins.com.

Bookmarked on the iPad of many in the know, HelenCummins.com is an invaluable source of insider knowledge and inspiration for those searching for something more. The reason Sarah – who now works as an independent agent, splitting her time between her home country and Mallorca and travelling to inspiring destinations whenever she chooses – always has HelenCummins.com at her fingertips is its authenticity. The tips she finds there – the addresses, the experiences insights, the guides – aren’t penned by detached writers journalists. They come direct from the editor, Helen Cummins, and her lifestyle-savvy team of international writers and photographers.

Arriving in Mallorca some years ago, Helen saw the island’s potential for unmatched quality of life and set about building her own dream. At the height of a world-wide financial crisis, she glimpsed a lifestyle that could offer so much more than the earn-spend cycle. These days Helen travels extensively, spends weekends with family and friends cooking, hiking or cycling and always manages to find inspiration in her surroundings. The HelenCummins.com mission? To chronicle everything there is worth knowing about a life filled with memorable experiences for an ever more discerning audience.

The new luxury brings wellbeing, memories to hold onto, and nourishment for the soul. How are you spending your afternoons?

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