Countryside tranquility, gorgeous beaches, & cultural festivities


In the southeast corner of Mallorca lies the town of Campos, a village where time seems to slow down amidst its winding streets and traditional stone buildings. Its history whispers through the ages, reaching back to the year 1300 AD when King Jaume II laid its foundations atop earlier Roman and Saracen settlements.

Wandering through Campos today, you’ll stumble upon echoes of its past in the form of historical landmarks. The church of Sant Julián stands as a testament to its heritage, and museums like Sister Mary Rafela offer glimpses into the town’s cultural past.

Yet, Campos isn’t just a relic of history– it’s a town embracing renewal. The dairy industry has seen a resurgence, with windmills dotting the landscape once again, aiding in irrigation and breathing new life into the countryside. Campos is a town undoubtedly connected to the island’s agricultural exports.

This residential village serves as a gateway to some of Mallorca’s most renowned rural beauty, providing easy access to national parks, forests, and the infamous Es Trenc sand beach. With crystal-clear waters and unspoiled shores stretching for three kilometres, it’s a beach lover’s paradise, drawing comparisons to the Caribbean.

Campos’ population of 10,000 people is a community tightly knit by tradition. For locals, one event stands out on the annual calendar– La Fira de Ses Vaques, or the annual cow festival. This spirited weekend pays homage to an industry deeply ingrained in the area’s identity, where the art of dairy farming has flourished, making Campos a key player in Spain’s milk exports.

While tourism is present here, the town maintains its authenticity. In Campos, time slows to a leisurely pace, inviting all who visit to embrace the rich tradition that defines this enchanting corner of Mallorca.

Good to know about Campos

Local language

Spanish and Catalan are the two official languages of Mallorca, and the two most common languages spoken in Campos. Most locals speak their native Mallorquín dialect of Catalan.

Main Industry

Campos is experiencing a return to its historical roots as a centre for both milk and meat production, its products sought after throughout Spain. It’s a quintessential livestock town, with artisanal farms inviting visitors to explore the town’s Spanish tradition and modernity. High-quality products are made from the milk of Holstein Friesian cows, originating from the Frisia region of the Netherlands.

International Schools

Campos is under a 40-minute drive from some of the most popular international schools in Palma, such as Bellver College, The Academy, Baleares International School and Agora Portals. There are no international schools in Campos itself.


25-minute drive from the airport
35-minute drive to Palma centre
15-minute drive to Santanyí and Llucmajor
15-minute drive to Hospital Joan March
30-minute drive to Hospital de Manacor


Taxi: The taxi ride to Campos from the centre of Palma is around 30 minutes and will cost you between 35-50 euros. There is a permanent, year-round taxi stand opposite the Sóller train station in Plaza España.

Bus: From Palma, take a trip to Campos on the TIB Bus Line 501 in just under an hour. This bus leaves frequently from the Estación Intermodal in Palma and will take you very close to the centre of town.

It’s worth noting that owning a car is essential to living in Campos, as reaching other parts of the island can be time-consuming due to limited public transport and poor connection to major motorways.

La Fira de Ses Vaques, Campos's Cow Fair

Every year, the eagerly anticipated La Fira de Ses Vaques unfolds in Campos, celebrating the town’s rich agricultural history and tight-knit community bonds. Scheduled typically for mid-May, this cow festival showcases the essence of Campos’s agricultural heritage.

Visitors are treated to a spectacle of cow-related activities, from the prestigious cattle morphology contest to lively auctions of prized Friesian cattle. The town’s finest farmers proudly display their best cattle for the National Selected Morphological Competition, inviting both locals and tourists to marvel at their livestock.

The cow milking competition, a beloved tradition in Campos, is an integral part of the Fira festivities. Yet, it’s not the bovine attractions that steal the show. With children donning adorable cow costumes, the event takes on a playful charm, adding to the family-friendly atmosphere.

La Fira offers a delectable array of foods and desserts made from Mallorcan milk, highlighting the region’s culinary strengths and the star product of its cows. Amidst stalls offering traditional foods, La Fira de Ses Vaques embodies Campos’s fun-loving spirit and agricultural history, inviting all to partake in its milk-themed festivities.

HC’s tips:

  • The Church of Sant Julián holds a renowned painting of Christ by the esteemed Sevillian artist Bartolome Estaban Murillo. Within the walls of this historic church, the painting draws visitors from far and wide to marvel at its detail, emotion, and spiritual significance.
  • The beach of Es Trenc is one of Mallorca’s most popular beaches, but for good reason. Soft sand meets crystal-clear waters for kilometres, epitomising Mallorca’s gorgeous coastlines. During high season, be sure to arrive early to secure a parking space as this beach can get fairly crowded.
  • Patisseria Pomar is a traditional Mallorcan bakery offering delightful pastries that embody the essence of Mallorca. Enjoy a typical ensaimada here for breakfast or tea time. Each pastry is handmade fresh daily, capturing the authentic flavours of the island and delivering a local experience.

Campos in photos

Experience Campos

After your Saturday morning trip to the market, there are multiple ways to continue soaking up the countryside charm that Campos offers. Take a stroll through the centre and enjoy some authentic Mallorcan pastries at Forn Can Nadal S.L. This bakery makes everything in a traditional wood oven, enticing diners with its Mallorcan pastries and sandwiches. Try the irresistible white chocolate and nuts ensaimada before visiting the church of Sant Julia. There, you’ll find a famous painting of Christ by Sevillian artist Bartolome Estaban Murillo. The church itself is beautiful, representing a mixture of neoclassical and gothic styles so typical of Mallorcan architecture.

Campos is Spanish for ‘countryside’, and a leisurely stroll through the nearby fields is not to miss. In the springtime, the countryside is filled with colourful wildflower blooms, painting the landscape with seemingly endless yellows and greens.

For those interested in ancient archaeology, you’ll discover some of the island’s earliest settlements within easy reach. The renowned bronze age site Capocorb Vell on the road to Cala Pi, considered one of Mallorca’s most significant archaeological treasures is a unique site to visit during your time in Campos.

Events in Campos

Gastronomic Artistry

Campos also hosts the Best Moreno Bread Competition, which honours the artistry of Mallorcan bakers in crafting the finest “pan moreno.” Supported by the Association of Bakers and Pastry Chefs from the Balearic Islands and the renowned Pa d’Aquí brand, the competition showcases traditional breadmaking techniques and premium ingredients. Attendees can compare and savour the various baked entries, further celebrating Campos’ heritage as an agricultural and culinary hotspot.

Town Fairs

Campos’s residents are lively and passionate about their town’s history and events. Each year, the town’s council hosts four major festivals, including the May fair (the cow festival), a summer fair in August, a harvest fair in October, and a special fair dedicated to Sobrassada. Campos always celebrates its locally produced food products with gusto!

Restaurants in Campos

One may be surprised at the excellent dining options in Campos, Mallorca. The restaurant scene in Campos offers quite a bit of culinary diversity thanks to its status as a relatively large residential area. Here, a blend of traditional Mallorcan flavours and global influences dominate the restaurant landscape. From intimate bistros to upscale, Michelin-star and fine-dining establishments, Campos offers a spectrum of dining experiences to suit every palate and occasion.

Ca’n Calent

Offering a modern twist on traditional Mallorcan cuisine, Ca’n Calent is a must-visit for those seeking a unique, fine dining experience in Campos.


Translating to “trust the chef,” Kairiku presents a top-class Japanese dining experience where patrons put their trust in the chef’s selection. This Michelin-star restaurant finds a surprising home in Campos, yet delights visitors with each meal.

Taverna Sant Julia

With its charming outdoor area adorned with lemon trees, Taverna Sant Julia has a relaxed atmosphere to savour traditional Mallorcan dishes.

Forn Can Nadal S.L.

This bakery makes everything in a traditional wood oven, enticing diners with its traditional Mallorcan pastries and sandwiches. Try the irresistible white chocolate and nuts ensaimada.

HC tips:

  • “Es Trenc isn’t the only gorgeous beach near Campos. For a quieter alternative, try Sa Rapita, which mirrors Es Trenc’s soft sands and clear waters. Ses Covetes nearby is truly tranquil, surrounded by coastal pine trees. The infamous Cala Pi is only a 25-minute drive away, making Campos an excellent base to access some of Mallorca’s best beaches.”
  • “Every Thursday and Saturday, the town comes alive with the market, where locals and visitors gather to peruse fresh produce, handmade crafts, and locally made delicacies such as sobrassada (and, of course, dairy items). A lovely authentically Mallorcan experience.”
  • “Explore Mallorcan viticulture by visiting local vineyards like Son Pere Jaia and Dalt Turó, enjoying wine-tasting sessions and exploring their wine cellars. The proximity of wine-producing towns like Son Negre and Son Mesquida to Campos offers plenty of opportunities for wine enthusiasts to learn more about the region’s winemaking heritage.”

Nightlife in Campos

While Campos is not a major nightlife destination on the island, there are several places to enjoy a beer and some tapas. You’ll find some typical Spanish bars that offer bocadillos, llonguets, and cañas plus one or two nightclubs. If you’re seeking a more wild night of dancing, you’ll need to venture to nearby resort towns or organise transportation to Palma.

Hotels in Campos

The village of Campos offers both luxury finca hotels along with charming agrotourism opportunities in the Southeast part of the island.

Sa Creu Nova Art Hotel & Spa

Visitors can indulge in a spa retreat at Sa Creu Nova Art Hotel & Spa, where classic Mallorcan architecture and modern comforts come together for an incredible stay. Just 8 kilometres away from Es Trenc, Sa Creu Nova offers a luxurious home base with plenty of amenities after long days exploring the island.Son Bernadinet

For a taste of authentic Mallorcan hospitality, Son Bernadinet offers its picturesque countryside finca, exquisite cuisine, and relaxing rooms located between Campos and Porreres. Gorgeous outdoor pools, neutral tones, and fragrant ecological gardens await at Son Bernadinet.

Agroturismo Sant Blai

Those seeking a truly immersive cultural experience will find paradise at Agroturismo Sant Blai, a bed and breakfast where one can connect with the island’s agricultural history. Gardens, farm animals, and organic orchards create a backdrop for family memories enjoying a slower, simpler life. The countryside of Campos is filled with charm and beauty, worth a trip for any traveller seeking Mediterreanean tranquillity.

Property in Campos

Property in Campos is varied, and those looking for a home here will most certainly find a wide range of options within their tastes and budgets. For those with a keen eye for potential, apartments and townhouses can be snagged for under 250,000 euros, though a renovation project might be in order. If you’re looking for a quiet, rural lifestyle, Campos may be a great place to explore. Many international expats have made Campos their home, particularly amongst the German community.

For those seeking that rustic Mallorcan finca charm, these are the crown jewels of Campos’s real estate scene. With large plots, historical buildings, and classic Mallorcan architecture, these properties typically command prices ranging from 500,000 to 3 million euros. These modern villas offer a contemporary twist to the traditional draw of Campos, but they often come with a heftier price tag. Whether you’re envisioning a quaint countryside retreat or a modern renovated townhome near the village centre, Campos offers a spectrum of property options.

Business & work in Campos

Campos offers a tranquil environment thanks to its isolated location. While it may lack the hustle and bustle of urban centres, its proximity to larger towns like Llucmayor ensures access to essential amenities and services. The town itself primarily serves as a residential hub, providing a peaceful backdrop for daily life. Many who live in Campos work in agriculture or commute to nearby towns for work. Larger towns such as Llucmayor, Palma, and Manacor are accessible by car.

Campos is primarily agricultural, and excellent food products are exported from this region of the island, such as renowned delicacies like ‘Sobrasada’ and ‘Piris’ cheese. These local products contribute to the town’s reputation as a centre of agrotourism, where further opportunities in hospitality may arise in the coming years.


People: Locals & celebrities

The Campos expat community is fairly mixed, but particularly popular among German nationals looking to make a new way of life in the countryside. Besides Swedish Oscar-nominated director Ruben Ösltund, who moved to Campos with his family in 2023, most well-known celebrities in the region keep a low profile.

Last Word

Many tourists flock to larger towns and miss out on the tranquillity and peace offered by a place like Campos. The blonde stone of Campos’ architecture takes visitors back in time, to a slower pace of life when agricultural activity ruled the day. Locals preserve and continue this way of life, celebrating the produce and products they’ve cultivated for generations.

Campos has seen much improvement due to investment in recent years into the Campos-Llucmajor motorway improving its connectivity, as well as in the centre of the town itself, with the town hall completing a huge project to uplift the main square whilst pedestrianising many areas. It is a family town with fantastic amenities for shopping, ease of parking and educational facilities such as the modern local music school.

Consider Campos as a countryside escape, inviting you to relax after exploring the nearby natural wonders that Mallorca is so well known for. Residents of Campos enjoy a peaceful Mediterranean lifestyle reminiscent of a bygone era that is hard to find in today’s world. Its high-quality restaurants, boutique hotels, close proximity to beautiful beaches in Sa Rapita, and year-round cultural events make it an excellent choice for visitors and second-home buyers alike.