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Cradled by mountains, this authentic area grants idyllic living close to Palma

Just a short hop west of Palma lies Puigpunyent. Though geographically close, this timeless village resting at 260 metres elevation is a world away in feel and appearance. Nestled in a valley on the south-eastern slopes of the Tramuntana, the region was founded on agriculture and many noble country estates grace the landscape.

While some farming continues on, a large proportion of residents (estimates stand at just over 2000 in the municipality) commute to work in the city, a 20 minutes’ drive away. With a low population density spread across the area – which includes the precious hamlet of Galilea – people who live here enjoy peace and rural respite from busy modern life.

Clean mountain air and ravishing views are just two advantages of home ownership in pretty, picturesque Puigpunyent. In addition to connectivity and a privileged natural environment, the village has a strong sense of identity, and a well-established international community.

There are several grocery stores, cafes and a cluster of restaurants, plus a school, sports centre and medical centre. Up on a hill above town is five-star Gran Hotel Son Net, romantically lit by night, and overlooking it all, the lofty peak of Puig de Galatzó standing tall, as though guarding the inhabitants of the valley.

Serra de Tramuntana Mallorca

Serra de Tramuntana

Majestic mountains and picturesque villages form the Serra de Tramuntana, where many people choose to escape the rat race and enjoy tranquility.

Surrounded by walking trails, terraced mountainsides and sea views, properties and homes in Puigpunyent dance with nature in the idyllic Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

Properties for sale in Puigpunyent

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Where to buy a property in Puigpunyent

Centre of the Village

Residential zones of Puigpunyent village are mainly arranged in long, gently-sloping streets and avenues. As is typical in Mallorca, the original town streets such as Carrer Major, Carrer de s’Estany and Carrer des Sol and are narrower, designed for shade, while those constructed later, like Cami de sa Vela are wider, with a more boulevard-type feel.

Village Outskirts and Mountainous Area of Galatzó

Tucked in the countryside further away from town is where you’ll find rural estates small and large. The further towards Galatzó you go, the more majestic the mountain setting – though accessibility is a little more laborious, necessitating a drive along winding roads.

The residential area of Son Serralta, located a few kilometres east of Puigpunyent towards Palma, also forms part of the municipality. Ringed by pine-covered hills it is delightfully pretty and quiet, though lacking in the amenities of its neighbour.


Up in the heights of this idyllic mountain village 460 metres above sea level, residents are blessed with expansive views stretching all the way to the coast. Just 30 minutes (approx. 21 kilometres) from Palma and 20 minutes from Paguera beach, unspoilt Galilea has a mixed permanent population of just 300, including international residents.

Advantages to buying a property in Puigunyent:

  • Best of both worlds: tranquil rural environment, with easy access to Palma and the airport
  • Protected building laws ensure safeguarding from heavy development
  • Fresh mountain air; wonderful walking and cycling opportunities; plenty of space
  • Properties largely come with abundant outdoor space
  • It’s still possible to pick up character fincas, waiting to be renovated to suit personal taste
  • Puigpunyent itself has every convenience you need for everyday life and essentials
  • You’ll be in good company – some of Mallorca’s most expensive properties exist here

Some things to bear in mind

  • If your preference is for stand-out modern architecture, you’re unlikely to find it here
  • City-dwellers may miss the buzz of Palma
  • Increasing demand, plus limited availability of buildable land, has driven up prices
  • Winters can be chillier at higher elevation

Puigpunyent price guide

€325,000 to €690,000

€490,000 to €3,850,000

€1,150,000 to €29.5 million

(Please bear in mind that prices are subject to change)

Types of Property in Puigpunyent

Spectacular country estates like Sa Serralta and the rural palace on the outskirts of town, exemplify the pinnacle of South West Mallorca living. These homes have deep roots in the island’s history, and strong Moorish influences are also seen in more modest properties – albeit on a less grand scale.

In the centre of Puigpunyent, streets of stone cottages originally built for agricultural workers and their families are very rustic in character, endowed with wooden beams and window shutters, terracotta roofing and large fireplaces for the family to gather around. Most have shaded patios, and some have their own drinking well. Following Puigpunyent’s surge in popularity amongst foreign buyers, many have been nicely restored; but there are still those yet untouched, ready to be updated by a new owner.

Should you want to reform an old property in Puigpunyent, it’s vital to seek good advice from a reputable architect and real-estate lawyer. Since the town and its municipality fall inside the Serra de Tramuntana UNESCO World Heritage Site, planning permission regulations are stricter here than in other areas.

The upside of this, of course, is that more recent development has been sympathetic, and newer properties out from the centre adhere to a more understated architectural style, blending into the surroundings. Up in Galilea, where building has been mercifully curtailed, around half of homes are charming stone houses set on narrow, sloping streets – the rest consisting of traditional country fincas, and discreet Mediterranean villas.

Inspiring Local Properties in Puigpunyent

What the experts say about buying property in Puigpunyent

“Puigpunyent is a charming mountain village with the benefit of easy access to Palma. This makes it a popular location for families and those commuting into the city, only 15 minutes by car or the regular bus service that connects it to all-year-round activity.”

“For those who enjoy the charms of village life, the sound of sheep bells, fiestas and all the community spirit that goes with it, Puigpunyent offers this along with easy access to nature with its beautiful mountain backdrop.”

“During the summer months, the temperature is notably less sweltering than other parts of the island due to the higher altitude, and during the cooler months one can enjoy cycling and hiking from one’s doorstep.”

“Properties here include typical townhouses with stone facades, more modern detached houses and typical historic fincas with elevated views. Prices start from approximately 600,000 euros up to an incredible 30 million euros for a spectacular renovated manor house.”

-Lucy Adamson, Property Specialist, hc/ Mallorca Living

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