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Andreas John

A German journalist, resident and working in Mallorca for some years, he regularly contributes articles to the leading German newspapers about Mallorca. His main areas of interests are yachting, golf and all types of sports cars and luxury transport, such as private jets, luxury cruise lines, vintage cars and superyachts.

scan s 370x280 - Oskar Koller

Oskar Koller

Famous German watercolour artist Oskar Koller – who died in 2004 – still lives on in his paintings. His favoured themes were flowers, landscapes and portraits.

jet set travel for all 01 370x280 - Jet Set Travel For All

Jet Set Travel For All

Clive Jackson makes it possible: with his revolutionary online jetshare community, www.flyvictor.com, the British IT manager offers low-cost seats on private jets. Andreas John finds out how the business took off.

treasures from the vine 06 370x280 - Treasures From the Vine

Treasures From the Vine

Catalan artist Bibiana Casas produces filigree jewellery from the shoots of dried vines in Porreres. Andreas John has had a closer look at her exceptional collection.

bags of success 04 370x280 - Bags of Success

Bags of Success

Most men simply don’t understand it. But in Petra, two brothers have created a dynamic international business that recognises the importance of a woman’s constant companion. Andreas John meets Abaccino’s Toni Vadell.