Why digital nomads are choosing to live in Mallorca

Digital nomads now make-up a significant proportion of property buyers and renters in Mallorca

Digital nomads Mallorca

When Europe started working from home in March 2020, a lightbulb moment pinged for businesses. It became clear that Zoom sufficed and that people could work in their own space without intervention. Taking a flight for a 3-hour business
meeting got scrapped and people generally started to feel more comfortable at home. Now, this movement is having a direct influence on the property market in Mallorca. People from digital backgrounds are finding sanctuary here, choosing to move out of cities like London and Berlin for a slower life in the Mediterranean. The question is, aside from the sunshine and beautiful setting, can the island provide for its new tech-minded residents?

A great connection

One of the things that Mallorca has improved on in the last few years is its connectivity. Nowadays, 4G is the norm (especially around Palma) and there are many great cafés and restaurants with free Wi-Fi. A reliable internet connection means digital nomads can get the high-speed network they need while working on a warm, sunny terrace. Owner of Datademia.es, Sebastian Tunnell Gonzalez agrees. “I work solely from my 4G phone connection and don’t even have WIFI at home from where I do most of my work nowadays. I do all my meetings through video. I think face to face meetings are a thing of the past, the pandemic has demonstrated this.”

Although, for making local business connections in Mallorca sometimes only a physical place will suffice. To fulfil this need, Mallorca has responded over the years in creating a number of cool co-working spaces where international minds can congress. Popular places include Somos Studios in Alaró and The Hub in Santa Catalina.

Digital nomads MallorcaA safe haven for investment

According to real estate agents Engel and Völkers, the average price of properties sold in 2020 rose to 1.6 million euros (previously 1.5 million in 2019). Despite travel restrictions, interest in buying property in Mallorca remained stable with a 66 percent increase in online client enquiries. For buyers looking for a safe place to invest in, the island has proven its stability during economic downturn. Beach-front penthouses and apartments with a balcony were amongst the most popular choice of property to sell (particularly in the area of Portixol). This is unsurprising given its close proximity to Palma and its international airport within minutes of the front door. Digital nomads can have it all, without the worry of an unstable investment. Their money is safe, they can live in a better location and when needed, take an international flight with ease.

Aside from a stable internet connection and buoyant property market, the healthy lifestyle is what really sits at the heart of the move for digital entrepreneurs and professionals. When it hasn’t stopped raining for weeks in Northern Europe, Mallorca offers 300 days of sunshine, healthy Mediterranean food and fresher air. Although the island might not be as developed as somewhere like Barcelona, Sebastian believes that the island fulfils in other ways. “I may be biased as I grew up here, but Mallorca has the perfect mix of good weather, city life, mountains, countryside and beaches. After work it’s so easy to relax and take your mind off things.”

Mallorca makes it easier for digital nomads to strike a balance between work and play, lessening the chances of burnout and stress. A busy digital entrepreneur once living in a townhouse in London can now stretch their legs on a sea-view balcony. They can have a strong Spanish coffee to the side and their laptop posed – pleased to be enjoying a healthy and happier digital life.

Text by Rosie Foot | Photos by Sara Savage