Sleep under the Serra stars at The Glamping

Experience luxury eco tents and plant-based food in one magical overnight stay.

The Glamping
Stay in the Sierra de Tramuntana

Situated in a hidden part of Mallorca’s northeast is The Glamping, a Nomad-based retreat experience from Argentinian couple Nahuel Signetto and Antonella Kuni and fellow partner Sara Pedrazo. Together, they invite visitors to consider a sustainable lifestyle through introducing back-to-nature retreats and events. Their luxury eco tents travel with them to places all over the island in an effort to send out one very clear message. “To make that click in the mind. To reconnect everything that we’ve lost during the pandemic: a life outdoors with the people we love and an established connection to nutritious food,” says co-owner Sara. “Sleep for one night in the Serra de Tramuntana and you’ll listen to the earth – I think that is the connection we need right now.”

Making a change

In the spirit of activists such as Greta Thunberg, The Glamping arrived as a direct response to environmental damage. After organising weddings and parties on the island, event planners Nahuel and Antonella kept facing the same sight in the morning. Plastic bottles, bags, glitter, broken glass and wasted food would all pile at such a rate that one day they hit pause. The Glamping, they promised, would embody the opposite. A healthy, eco-friendly experience that would nurture the good in humankind. Campers could share stories, dance to their own rhythms and eat with full hearts and conscious minds.

The GlampingA regenerative experience

The main base for The Glamping is on a sacred area of land (previously used as a monastery) and once owned by Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria. This is where the majority of the experiences are held, but due to camping restrictions in Mallorca, is not a fixed location. Their organic cotton tents are moveable and with them, everything that is inside. Artisan Indian cushions, rugs, carpets and wire-free lamps follow the team wherever they go. Of course, the only thing that isn’t transferrable is the energy of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. “Even residents from Mallorca have stayed with us and left changed. The olive trees are ancient and you can feel the energy from the soil – it’s so inherent to this particular area of the island.”

Alongside alternative healing practices, The Glamping also offer plant-based catering, activities and private concerts. Their chefs are specialists in natural recipes and organic plant power. Raw food chef Grace Berrow from Patiki Beach (Sóller) has graced their outdoor kitchen at many events, and plans to connect with local island chefs such as Tomeu Arbona (Fornet de la Soca, Palma) are underway. Collaborations also extend outside catering into astronomy, African dancing, live music and textiles. As long as there is the shared belief that sustainability is the future, The Glamping are working with as many local producers as possible. “Mallorca is shedding its corporate, mass hotel image. We’re now living in a time of local, organic and regenerative experiences – entirely connected to nature.”

Text by Rosie Foot
Photos by Sara Savage

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