Interior project by Aquaquae

Portitxol-based designers complete Morrocan-inspired interior

While the ancient Medina-style lanes and Arabian-infused architecture found in the capital and towns across Mallorca still bear witness to centuries of Moorish occupation, few contemporary examples connects to this aspect of the island’s history. For this reason, this country residence makes for a particularly refreshing and charming addition to the project portfolio of Portitxol-based interior design experts Aquaquae.

From the outside, the building’s peach-terracotta facade, low-rise symmetry, and domed crown all combine for an unmistakeably North African quality. The Moroccan influence is keenly felt, too, in the importance given to outside spaces – a lily pad-covered water feature, elegantly aligned gardens and a long central pool overlooked by a muslin-draped daybed all suggest the secluded serenity of a riad courtyard. Loungers by young Spanish designers Lobster’s Day also add a chic retro feel.

Inside, the Moroccan influences give way to a more minimalist mood, where crisp whites wrap around walls and high-beamed ceilings – a clean canvas for numerous contemporary artworks and photographs. Reflecting the outside, symmetry can also be found in the elegant lounge area, with matching leather couches and a free-standing book shelf adding a balanced, intimate feel.


A semi-enclosed patio provides a lovely dining space with traditional Mallorcan wooden shutters overlooking the outside. Throughout the family residence, light fills rooms, illuminating its clean lines, vintage furnishings and polished concrete floors – evocative of Moroccan limestone tadelakt plaster. Bathroom and kitchen areas are finished with lovely pieces from swish Italian brand Boffi.

The client wanted a comfortable, functional country house in which a family could live, but also one where the children could experience direct contact with nature. And as Aquaquae designer Cecilia Sagrera explains, “We achieved this by configuring the entire construction around the outdoor terrace … we created a home in the countryside in which a family could live in symbiosis with nature, accompanied by a constant outdoor light.” And the result is indeed illuminating.

Photos by: Paloma Pacheco Turnes & Amador Toril Díez

Address details


C/ Llucmajor, 38, Palma

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