9 ways to feel more at home in Mallorca

Tips to help you feel at home on the largest of the Balearic Islands

Feeling at home in Mallorca

If you’ve moved to Mallorca from abroad, you’ll know that it can take time to feel settled. Like in any relocation, accessing the local culture, food and social circles can be difficult – especially if you’re new to the Spanish way of life. Luckily in Mallorca, there is a diverse international community just waiting to help you and there are plenty of ways you can connect with other residents like yourself.

To help you on your journey to feeling at home, we’ve rounded up 9 great ways to feel better connected with the island. From joining a yoga retreat to adopting a pet and trying out the local cuisine, follow our tips below and take note, as you feel even closer to Mallorca.


The natural beauty of Mallorca is breathtaking, and the energy is almost palpable. What better way to tune in and connect to the island than by attending a healing workshop or retreat? We particularly love escaping to Osa Major – a stunning finca and hotspot for yoga and health retreats, or to Ananda Retreats to spend a weekend combining holistic healing with yoga. The Calm Collective holds regular day-long events, making it easy to slot some blissful connection into a busy schedule.


Taking in the island from its deep ravines or up high on the mountainside presents a different perspective. Become initiated with the natural terrain with a trek along the iconic Dry Stone Route spanning the Tramuntana mountains southwest to northeast. Here there are numerous signposted trails across terraces with ancient olive groves, forests, mountain hamlets, and jaw-dropping coastline. For some real insider knowledge on the history, culture, and ecosystem of the Serra de Tramuntana, recruiting a qualified guide is a great idea. Our recommended experts are Nicky Hanganu from Zig Zag Mallorca and Peter Galvin from Gourmet Hiking Holidays.


You will feel like a true local when your home exudes Mallorcan charm. We are blessed as an island to have so many talented creatives producing artisan pieces from locally sourced materials. Add some Mediterranean touches by incorporating traditional stone, natural fibres and warm, earthy tones. Jaume Roig is a local ceramicist producing one-of-a-kind pieces, while artist Adriana Meunié applies raw techniques in her eye-catching textile art. A visit to Can Garanya will unearth countless treasures – here they have been specialising in Mallorcan decorative pieces for three generations.


Simply getting out and about and meeting people is one of the fastest ways to feel a sense of belonging. Becoming a member of ESRA (English-Speaking Residents′ Association) not only connects you with other expatriates but also provides plenty of advice to integrating on the island. If it’s spiritual connection you crave, Mallorca has a wonderful network of like-minded souls. Join the hc/ Connect & Grow community if you’re interested in starting a purpose-driven business here and the Sadhana Works School of Consciousness has varied classes focused on becoming more conscious individuals.


Social media groups are surprisingly active in Mallorca, with communities set up for almost any interest you might have. Facebook groups are a great place to start. If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or remote worker, Digital Nomads Mallorca is an excellent resource. Girl Gone International Mallorca is the place to connect with other females living abroad on Mallorca, and Nourish the Community is a space for all things wellness if that’s your vibe. For everyday queries and curiosities about the island, I Have a Question Mallorca is a wealth of information.


Whether you have a large finca ideal for frenzied running, or a comfy armchair perfect for a small purring body, pets can make a house really feel like home and offer wonderful companionship. There are shelters across the island where they will always welcome committed animal lovers to take in an orphan. Son Reus in Palma, and SOS Animal Calvia are well-established shelters for cats and dogs, and Dogs 4 U in Inca mainly rehouses larger dog breeds in need of a loving home.


Take classic Mediterranean cooking, infuse with flavours harking back to the Roman Empire, the Moors and North Africa, then pepper with tastes of Catalonia and you have Mallorcan cuisine. Step out of your comfort zone and order the unfamiliar, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised! There are many restaurants here doing traditional and contemporary Mallorcan food very well. Try Arrels by Marga Coll at Hotel de Mar in Illetes or Dins Santi Taura in Palma to gain a real appreciation of local flavours.


Living in Mallorca is all about adopting a slower pace of life. We’ve all felt the frustration that comes when things may not be moving as efficiently as you’d like, and a sense of urgency seems to be the last thing on anyone’s mind, but we encourage you to see this as a positive. Lean into the languid lifestyle and embrace the balance between work and play where you can. Long lunches with friends, afternoon siestas, and Sundays planned for nothing but rest are ideal for wellbeing and regeneration while being quintessentially Spanish.


Despite all your best efforts, homesickness is bound to strike now and then. Rather than masking your emotions try reaching out to other expats who may be feeling the same, or head outside into nature for some meditation or breath work to re-centre yourself. Whether you prefer the solitude of the mountains or the fresh sea air, the island provides the perfect setting for some introspection and clarity, often whispering a gentle reminder that you are in fact exactly where you need to be.

If you’ve made it this far in the article and still feel stuck for ways to connect, why not send us an email? Helen and the hc/ Mallorca Living team are happy to recommend some other ways of making friends on the island and to generally feel more settled. There are some great local clubs that you can join and Helen herself runs the hc/ Connect & Grow community – ideal if you’re running a business in Mallorca and looking to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.