A luxury villa transformed by Knox Design

The outcome was a uniformity of flow and warmth

With over two decades of experience behind her, Justine Knox has grown into one of the best-known names in interior design on the island. And as well as the CEO of Knox Design, her work extends to that of a home-staging consultant – preparing a property to maximise its appeal to potential buyers. One of Justine’s recent such projects involved the transformation of this villa in the sought-after neighbourhood of Sol de Mallorca.

The brief was to create a holiday home for grown-up families that spoke of luxury elegance throughout– and the results were impressive enough to reach the finals of the SBID International Design Awards.

“The first challenge became giving meaning and harmony to the long ground floor living area,” Justine recalls. This meant defining the function of each space – the kitchen, dining and lounge areas – and then tying them together with a light caramel tone using sandstone marble and pale oak. Artworks were also chosen to complement sandy tones.

Softening angular architecture

The outcome was a uniformity of flow and warmth, while a partition wall placed between the lobby and dining space increased the sense of intimacy. A sprinkling of glitz was introduced with pearlescent paisley wallpaper in the stairwells, as well a cascading spiral of silver and gold glass bulbs overhead. Upstairs, a second lounge added more comfy seating and soft tones, together with more artwork echoing the relaxing mint and fuchsia accents of furnishings and textured fabrics.

Outside, the anthracite grey and neutrals of the building’s structural elements have been replicated in the terrace furniture. But mostly Justine’s objective was to soften the angularity of the contemporary architectural design by introducing curved shapes in the form of ceiling lamps, seating and vases. The overall effect is one in which clean contemporary lines are counterbalanced with warm yet graceful styling. It’s another successful project that will only help establish Justine Knox further as one of the leaders in her field on Mallorca.

Photos by Karl Grant

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Luxury villa transformed by Justine Knox

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