20th anniversary of Birgit Müller

The secret behind these sought after luxury designer kitchens

Birgit Muller Mallorca
Birgit Müller

What kind of person are you? What do you love to eat? Do you have children? Dogs? These questions matter when buying a kitchen designed by Birgit Müller. After all, what’s the point in having something bespoke if it doesn’t fit seamlessly into your life? Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, it’s safe to say the German-owned Mallorca-based company is extremely successful at translating a client’s words into a sensational custom-made design.

“Our first rule is, what we make has to be of the best quality there is,” says co-founder Hans-Heinrich Müller. State of the art design and excellent customer service are two other key components of the business. These three rules don’t mean compromising on sustainability and the company is proud of its FSC-certification.

The Inspiration

Hans-Heinrich brushes over questions regarding highlights from the last two decades. “You have to keep moving,” he says, “you have to think about what’s going on tomorrow and next year.” An unwavering enthusiasm for innovation prompts the whole team to travel to fairs in Milan, Paris, London and further afield. Even today, when the world feels temporarily on pause, Birgit Müller continues to push boundaries at her stores in Port Andratx and Palma.

Hans-Heinrich feels that minimalist monotone kitchens, whilst appearing very clean, often lack emotion. By using multiple textures and quality materials, a Birgit Müller kitchen becomes a work of art which enhances every cooking experience. Their bestselling kitchen theme has no less than eight different finishes, including wood, stone, stainless steel, glass and leather.

The Future

The co-founder of Birgit Müller is confident they can repeat the successes of the last twenty years in business. In preparation for a positive future, they are happy to announce that Mrs Felicitas Wolf, who has been with the firm for thirteen years, has become a partner. This further strengthens a dedicated team of designers, logisticians and engineers. For kitchens which will endure and inspire for decades to come, a visit to one of their stores is highly recommended.

Photos by Sara Savage & Birgit Müller

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Birgit Muller Mallorca

Birgit Müller

Passeig Mallorca 4, Palma / Isaac Peral 59, Port d’Andratx