The bakeries in Palma worthy of recognition

We take a look at the best places for breads, cakes and pastries

Thomas’ Bakeshop

Breads, cakes, pastries are all within arm’s reach in a typical Mediterranean kitchen. Bread in particular is adored in Spanish cuisine, used to soak up that last drop of olive oil or pearl of alioli. Therefore, it’s only right if you’re living in Mallorca that you know, like a true local, where to hop to for a freshly-baked good.

Loaves sprinkled in toasted sesame, lemon meringues circled in ribbon and that perfect morning croissant are all calling at the following bakeries. Having drawn from local knowledge and reached out to a few friends in Palma, you can be sure that Helen Cummins and her team have selected only the bakeries that pack the best pastry punch in Palma.

5. Fika Farina

Located just off Plaza Mayor in the centre of Palma, Fika Farina is a small but trendy bakery serving bread the traditional way. The Swedish bakery is owned by Mattias Mårtensson and his partner Jimmy Groth, who prioritise baking with the utmost care and confidence. If you’re lover of sourdough bread, then this is the bakery to try. They offer high-quality products using the best ingredients that result in treats like dark rye bread, Swedish Kanelbulle and scones. Their products can also be found in the luxury lifestyle store Rialto Living, where fellow Swedish owners Klass and Barbara welcome you to their café for lunch.

4. Palma Bread

If you want to get a glimpse of some of the magic happening at Palma Bread, you just need to look at their social media. This is the Swedish bakery that got residents going crazy for cinnamon and cardamom buns. They are a young and energetic team of international bakers testing the boundaries of what can and can’t be done in baking, resulting in truly delicious treats. Give them a visit in Santa Catalina near Plaza del Progrés, where you can pick up a range of brilliant breads and croissants to take away or alternatively, stay in and have breakfast. They offer a great selection of local coffee and teas to complement their sweet pastries and buns.
Fornet de la Soca Palma

3. Fornet de la Soca

A love for traditional Mallorcan baking will lead you to Fornet de la Soca situated at the bottom of Jaime III near the theatre. Owners Tomeu Arbona and his wife, María José have made a name for themselves on the island, revered for their talents at creating beautiful pastries. If you’re looking for a taste of authentic Mallorca, try their pumpkin-filled rubiols, chocolate crespells and ensaimadas. “My personal crusade is to put back the value in traditional cooking and for it to be treated with respect,” Tomeu says. If you’re passing through this part of Palma, you’ll usually see a crowds outside its hand-painted façade – the exterior alone is enough to draw attention.
Fornet de la Soca Palma

El Fornet de la Soca, a fairytale bakery

Set on the rediscovery of Mallorca’s baking heritage, Tomeu Arbona’s El Fornet de la Soca combines ancient ingredients with the island’s traditional recipes.

2. Lluis Perez Pastisser

This upmarket bakery is just a short walk from Jaime III and promises beautiful cuts of handmade chocolate as well boxes of biscuits, cakes and truffles. The attention to detail by local pastisser Luis Perez is second-to-none and he also makes a very tasty selection of lactose-free and gluten-free options. What stands this bakery apart from the rest though is not just the delicious flavours, but the wrapping. Purchase a cake from Lluis and you’ll get it wrapped in a beautiful blue box adorned in ribbon – the ideal sweet present for a special someone. You can also taste Lluis’ creations at Café Red, which forms part of the Gallery Red art gallery. A perfect way to spend the afternoon.

1. Thomas’ Bakeshop Boutique

Thomas’ Bakeshop was founded in 2016 by Thomas Grasberger and his wife Michelle in Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca. It is a firm favourite for residents who live in the capital, thanks to its fabulous selection of sourdough bread, croissants and pastries. It is a small but very sweet bakery that can be found just a short walk from the Santa Catalina market. It is a firm favourite of editor Helen Cummins and is the bakery she always chooses when making a cheese fondue recipe at home. The place hits the number one spot for its humble approach to baking and friendly and warm customer service – Michelle makes you feel very welcome.

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