Decadent countryside design

Bold, beautiful interior project by Bconnected

Project by Bconnected

In a still, quiet corner of rural Mallorca, surrounded by Mediterranean fields and tall Cypress trees, is a house that fills the heart with joy. Deploying colour and design as only she can, Christine Leja of Bconnected elevates Mediterranean living to fresh new heights.

The nicest thing about creating this project, reveals Leja, was the astounding freedom it afforded her.

“Not having to follow any rules, restrictions or general guidelines and being able to create free from all standard norms; whether shape, colour or ideas about how to live in a rural region was wonderful,” she says.


While the design of the bold, beautiful property appears entirely effortless – as all great interiors should – it is, in fact, the result of deeply-considered planning. The starting point, Leja says, was the courage to organise the entire development solely around her family’s own needs, without weighing up if it will affect a future repurchase or whether there is enough space for guests.

“Everything has been customised to this concept. Whether it is the kitchen, which is built according to our routines and habits, or my dressing room, which was designed according to my needs and understanding of comfort, plus storage spaces that were meticulously built exactly to our belongings.”


Anything existing that was ‘good’ but not ‘great’ was out. One example is the old flooring, which “seemed to work perfectly” but was replaced right through the house, paving the way for something simply mesmerizing.

With modern lines; big, open windows and minimally-constructed spaces, architecturally the house was the perfect canvas for Leja’s handpicked preferences. Outside, retro charm abounds with bright umbrellas and 70s-inspired furniture and accessories. “It’s about allowing people to gather in harmony, enjoying the best of what life has to offer in the best company,” Leja says.

Text by Anna Mason

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