Sustainable architecture in the Southeast of Mallorca

The German-Mallorcan creatives stands for an elegant and timeless architectural style

GLW Architects

In the picturesque coastal villages of southeast Mallorca, the dynamic team at GLW Architects transforms dreams into reality, from ideation to the unveiling of exquisite properties. The visionary trio includes Sebastià Ginard Adrover, the native architect with a global perspective; Lars Lüthje, the interior architect and lighting maestro; and Nina Wolf, the connoisseur of colour and interior design. Collaboration is key. “It’s a rich dialogue working with people who are specialists in different areas, and it’s always better for the projects,” Lars Lüthje reflects.

GLW’s architectural alchemy is a fusion of Scandinavian and Bauhaus elements, thoughtfully intertwined with the time-honoured features of Mallorcan heritage. “We are trying to do something modern, something pure, but always with a Mediterranean feeling,” Sebastià emphasizes, underscoring the indispensable contribution of their German-Mallorcan synergy.

Respecting historical craftsmanship and sustainable practices, the team derives wisdom from tradition and infuses it with contemporary solutions. Materials like stone, corten steel, and mortars form the textured palette of their designs.

Everlasting Details

Lars articulates their vision, stating, “We want to create long-life buildings and long-life products which require a lot of invisible technical detail.” Their sustainable architecture aims to create spaces that clients adore and cherish indefinitely. “Our definition of sustainable is when the client loves what we have produced and wants to have it forever, and it lasts forever,” he explains. Their projects are meticulously planned from inception, embodying a thoughtful, deliberate design approach, eschewing the rush in favour of integrity. “It may be slower, but it guarantees quality,” Lars affirms.

GLW’s recent transformation of an old villa near the sea, a structure on the brink of ruins, stands as a testament to their transformative prowess. They breathed new life into a seemingly doomed property, Mediterranean history meeting timeless modern design. This project epitomizes GLW’s sustainable vision, breathing new life into the old while minimizing waste. “This is our perspective for the future – giving new life,” Sebastià emphasizes. In a world of fast design and fleeting trends, the GLW trio stands as a beacon of enduring elegance and architectural ingenuity.

Text by Ché Miller | Photos by Sara Savage

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