“Workshop” at Baibén in Puerto Portals

Private dining with Chef Arellano in Puerto Portals

What happens when Mallorca´s most famous Michelin star chef gets personal? Baiben restaurant in Puerto Portals is described by Chef Fernando Pérez Arellano as “world flavour souvenirs from his training and travels”. At an intimate family-style lunch hosted by the Chef in his new show kitchen/ private dining room above Baiben in Puerto Portals, he took us on a sentimental culinary tour.  Sea bass ceviche cured in tiger´s milk with sweet potato cooked in orange Fanta with cinnamon tasted like Peru. An herbaceous chicken and shrimp dumpling  wrapped in lettuce and mint landed us in foodie favourite, Hanoi. The lemon tart, brûléed and served with blueberry ice cream sent us to New England. Offering private dining and catering to super yacht jet setters docked in the Puerto Portals marina,  the Chef will shares his “soul cuisine”. Book a table in the restaurant or above in the workshop!