Make your Mojito

Original or with a twist?

Legendary author and drinker Ernest Hemingway did his bit to popularise it, drinking at least one a day but the mojito has really only taken off in the new millenium (I drank my first one in Cuba 11 years ago). With the rise of the mojito has come a massive increase in the popularity of rum, particularly dark rums, which is paradoxical as the cocktail is meant to be made with white rum.

The basic mojito as Hemingway would have drunk it at his beloved La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana is what you’ll get in most bars but if you’re having some friends over, there is a wide selection of recipes to try out. We’ve found the best original recipe as well as tasty ones centred on strawberries, pineapple and Jägermeister.

The Original

• A perfectly cylindrical glass
• Two teaspoons of white granulated sugar add enough lime juice to cover all the sugar
• Two sprigs of spearmint, stalks included (esential to the aroma and freshness)
• 9cl of sparkling water and 4.5cl of three-year-old Havana Club rum
• Crush the ingredients with a pestle, add four ice cubes (not crushed ice) and stir

Strawberry Mojito

• Three teaspoons of sugar
• Squeeze two quarters of lime over the sugar
• Three halved strawberries
• Mix in six spearmint leaves
• Pour in Bacardi rum
• Fill glass with crushed ice and add a splash of soda
• Garnish with a sprig of mint but don’t stir

Pineapple Mojito

• Three 2.5cm chunks of pineapple and add four lime wedges
• Mix in eight spearmint leaves
• Fill glass with 5cl of Brugal rum and 3cl of Triple Sec
• Pour in 3cl of pineapple juice
• Add ice, shake and garnish with a sprig of mint

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