OrigenLab studies your genetics, you improve your lifestyle

Predicting alopecia, thrombosis and infertility are just the tip of the iceberg of what Origenlab can do.

OrigenLab Genómica
Dr Antonia Sampol Mayol, Origenlab, Palma

We have come to the fresh and modern clinic of Origenlab Genómica in Mallorca to find out what makes their lifestyle advice so convincing. After all, everyone has an idea of what healthy living looks like. Perhaps it’s the Mediterranean diet or the Japanese. Perhaps it’s giving up carbs or cutting down on fat. Atkins, Paleo, Juicing, Teatox – how many diets have friends sworn to be miraculous but have made no gram of difference to you?

Well, what if you discovered that what is universally accepted as healthy isn’t the right fit for your particular body? At Origenlab, the doctors deal in facts. “We study your genetics so that you can know yourself better and adapt your lifestyle accordingly,” says its Director, Dr Jordi Martínez Serra. “Following guidelines which are based on something real is very different to following them because everyone is telling you to.”
Doctors are focused on illness rather than well-being leaving a gap which Origenlab are dedicated to filling. They call it lifestyle medicine.

Instead of waiting for problems to arise related to ageing, weight gain and hereditary disease, they believe the best cure is to avoid the issues in the first place. How? By studying each individual’s genetics and genomics to find out what is hindering and what is helping their body perform. “Everything is highly personalised,” says haematologist, Dr Antonia Sampol Mayol, “not just the tests but what it is you want to improve.” Losing weight is one of the most common reasons why people turn to this innovative clinic in Palma. DNA and food intolerance tests often lead to surprising results, revealing foods that people had thought beneficial to their body were the culprits behind them not reaching their weight goals.

Predicting alopecia, thrombosis and infertility are just the tip of the iceberg of what Origenlab can do. As experienced doctors they can then follow up with medical advice on how to proceed. It may not be a family members heart attack or diabetes that prompts a visit either. Origenlab also offer a comprehensive sports package for amateurs and professionals who simply want to know how they can improve their performance. “Nutrition is everything,” says Dr Jordi Martínez.

Once tests have shed light on what your body needs, tailor-made supplements can be requested from a specialist pharmacist. Higher energy levels, better blood circulation, a good metabolism and improved sleep are the key to a body in balance. And if you still have questions about who you really are after all that, then perhaps the results of an ancestry test may provide you with the last pieces of the puzzle.

Text by Emily Benet
Photos by Sara Savage

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