A Mediterranean family holiday home

A relaxed holiday home on the east coast of Mallorca that oozes modern day Mediterranean appeal

While many interior design studios strive to capture the essence of Mediterranean living, reflecting the personalities of those who inhabit the property can be overlooked. For this project, however, interiors specialists, Aquaquae, have artfully succeeded in balancing a beautifully modern Mediterranean aesthetic while reflecting the individuality of the family members who live there.

Set on the picturesque east coast of Mallorca, another important factor in the design was to integrate with the natural environment. The home is surrounded by terraces with views to the sea and interior patios that seek to get closer to nature, combining sea views with the native vegetation of the mountainside setting. Earthy tones and textures, together with natural materials such as stone and wood, play a huge role in creating spaces that feel very much part of their surroundings.

A mix of playfulness and sophistication

Aquaquae, too, certainly took into account that ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home’ through their design. The spacious kitchen is a welcoming meeting place for family and friends, employing warm colours that combine perfectly with the natural stone and the made-to-measure furnishings. All technology has also been carefully integrated into units to not disturb the elegant-yet-cosy flow of the space.

The personality of its inhabitants were reflected through the subtle shift of textures and tones used in the bedrooms and bathrooms, together with murals and wallpapers that transmit a more feminine or masculine, sophisticated or playful vibe depending on its occupant.

Another important consideration was ensuring the interior design complemented the elegant architecture of the building – designed by respected architects Esteva i Esteva. As in all its projects, Aquaquae’s team of interior designers expertly combined light, materials and traditional elements to maximise the beauty of this home. The result is spaces that are as comfortable as they are attractive and as timeless as they are tailored to those who have the privilege of living in this unique abode.

Photos by Llorenç Gris

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Mediterranean family home Aquaquae


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