Artisan building by Mallorca Living Concept

Personal homes with wall-to-wall Mallorcan character

Ana Nitu

Would you be at risk of falling in love with a lighter Mediterranean lifestyle? Or has Mallorca’s mellow magic already charmed you into making a home within its seductively sunny shores?

If you’ve succumbed to the temptations of a construction or renovation project, perhaps you’re fancying some alluring Balearic marés in sandy beach tones; or maybe you’d prefer the stone facades that glow subtly with the soothing warmth of a sunset, while still offering its solid promise to keep you coolly refreshed indoors, even on the sultriest of summer days.

Inspired by the noble skills of traditional craftsmanship and passionately dedicated to honouring the rich architectural heritage of her beloved Balearic Islands, Ana Nitu leads a team of talented developers and artisans at Mallorca Living Concept; and together these creative professionals love helping clients to create their own highly personalised homes. They understand that nowhere is as precious as your personal space, so naturally you want it to become a comfortably appointed sanctuary, stylishly rendered with thoroughly loving attention to all of its important and intimate details.

Working as a conscientious collective since 2009, Mallorca Living Concept have been trusted by many of the island’s more seasoned residents to create and indeed recreate gorgeous homes in exact accordance with resolutely discerning preferences. These enthusiastic professionals are probably at their happiest when advising on the most beautiful and durable materials to match your vision of an idyllic home. They will be able to interpret your dreams of marés and antique Mallorcan tiles; they understand precisely why you enjoy abiding attachments to the solid virtues of wood and iron; and they’re equally ready to pilot any flights your fancy may take into exploring the exciting potential of innovative materials such as infinitely coloured microcement, which is as high-tech and hardy as it sounds. They know how to mix traditional style with minimalist and modern, creating a sensation of fluid harmony, typical for the Balearics.

All the building experts and design specialists on Ana’s team at Mallorca Living Concept are keen to work closely with clients at every stage of their adventures in creation, to ensure that ultimately you’ll be surrounded and delighted by wall-to-wall Mallorcan character, Mediterranean floors that have been carefully finished with finesse, and exquisitely executed pieces of customised Balearic furniture.

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