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Claudia Zivko has woven her passion for home design with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Mediterranean Interiors

It all began in 2017 with the design and construction of her personal haven in Genova. After nearly 20 years working in the real estate industry in Mallorca, Claudia Zivko’s personal project set the stage for a new journey in home construction and design. She understands the importance of the construction process, drawing upon her extensive industry expertise and the invaluable lessons overseeing the construction of her own residence. “I know the details are important when it comes to creating a home, and that is what I am passionate about,” she explains. More recently, a family legacy has been ignited, with her daughter Kessi joining her in the business, embodying a seamless blend of generational continuity and shared creative talent.

With Kessi now onboard, collaboration lies at the heart of the creative process, her daughter’s youthful insights complementing Claudia’s seasoned wisdom. Together, their projects are rooted in inspiration drawn from numerous trips abroad, shaping their architectural narrative, and adding an international flavour and richness to their projects. “My work over the years has allowed me to discover my likes and dislikes, what works and what doesn’t. I always create homes I would like to live in,” she explains. Having wrapped up several ventures within their beloved village of Genova, Claudia and Kessi have established a rhythm of crafting remarkable, sustainable homes. Their portfolio showcases these eco-conscious marvels and hints at even more exciting projects on the horizon.

Falco 13

Their most recent endeavour, Falco 13, also finds its roots in Genova—the pueblo cherished by Claudia and her family. Beyond its picturesque facade, this charming locale encapsulates serenity and a vibrant community spirit, housing a diverse tapestry of nationalities. Situated mere minutes away from the lively pulse of Palma, it offers a rare blend of connectivity to the city while retaining a tranquil village feel. Here, Falco 13 epitomizes Claudia’s commitment to sustainability in attaining a Passive House certification. A Passive House represents a revolution in home design, promising an unparalleled level of interior comfort while drastically reducing energy consumption. Ensuring optimal living conditions year-round, a Passive House is engineered to maintain ideal temperatures and minimise energy loss, prioritising the well-being and comfort of the occupants.

Claudia’s homes, crafted to encapsulate a microcosm of living, emphasise privacy within communal spaces, fostering a harmonious coexistence between solitude and sociality. Falco 13 merges traditional Mallorcan elements with vibrant influences drawn from the duo’s extensive travels through Mexico and Brazil, such as the pergolas crafted from weathered eucalyptus branches, and the pale earthy hues reminiscent of Tulum. Every detail, meticulously curated, resonates with purpose, from the integration of pocket sliding doors connecting the interior and exterior spaces, elevated by consistent flooring choices, to the top-tier appliances adorning the natural wood kitchen. The discreet embedding of floor heating and air-conditioning into ceilings epitomises an unmatched level of climate control efficiency. The handmade traditional staircase is a stylish curved focal point and a favourite feature. “It’s a piece of art,” Claudia says smiling. Approaching its final stages of completion, this flawless property is now available for purchase, awaiting owners who will undoubtedly cherish calling Falco 13 home.

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  • Price:
    3 500 000 €
  • Outside space:
    1 000 m2
  • Built area:
    430 m2
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    Terrace / Balcony
    New Construction

An Unconventional Touch

Claudia’s distinctive touch extends beyond aesthetics. Her placement of a black obsidian stone within each construction signifies protection and positivity. “I’m a grounded person who believes in energies,” she shares with us. For her, achieving harmony and equilibrium among all facets of a build holds paramount importance—a spiritual perspective that extends not only to the on-site workers but also to the neighbours surrounding any project she undertakes. Claudia acknowledges the potential disturbances construction sites can create, directly impacting those nearby.

Approaching each project, she holds the conviction that her team will essentially become neighbours in the community for typically 8-12 months and so her commitment lies in ensuring everyone feels valued and treated with respect. Whether it’s preparing a home-cooked meal for the construction crew to enjoy together family-style, or simply engaging with neighbours on a friendly level, Claudia actively cultivates an environment where mutual respect and genuine connections flourish. She believes that positive feeling and energy is infused into the property as a gift for its new inhabitants. “The workers leave that goodwill in the atmosphere and the neighbourhood,” she describes. In Claudia Zivko’s realm, architecture transcends mere structure; it becomes a conduit for sustainable living, artistic expression, and communal harmony. Her creations aren’t just houses; they’re homes, and a representation of her dedication to enriching lives through construction and design.

Text by Ché Miller | Photos by Sara Savage

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Claudia Zivko

Calle Falco 13, Genova

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