Living in Mallorca 2023

Plug into the community and make Mallorca your home!

Living in Mallorca is the dream of many people who are attracted to the  Mediterranean lifestyle. The island has so much to offer those seeking a more meaningful life connected with nature, local heritage and a cosmopolitan community.

The seekers of a new lifestyle come from all over the globe and with diverse backgrounds but with a shared vision of how they want to spend their time. Hiking or cycling with friends in the Tramuntana, sitting in the local plaza enjoying a café con leche in the sunshine, or joining a yoga class at a local studio are some favourite pastimes. The priorities of this affluent, mobile community have shifted from one focused predominately on career advancement and accumulating wealth towards more soulful living, today.

We meet four foreigners who have made the move to Mallorca, to get their perspective on what pulled them here and how their ‘dream life’ is unfolding so far.

There is a huge influx of digital nomads attracted not only by the lifestyle but also the tax advantages recently announced by the Spanish government, turn to page 70 to find out more.

We are all about bringing people together to enjoy the best of what the island has to offer, in fact, we have been doing this for almost 20 years.  We have now formalised this passion by creating a new conscious business community – hc/ Connect & Grow, to facilitate regular get-togethers such as our recent hike in Valldemossa (cover image), and our monthly networking lunches in addition to yoga classes and professional development workshops. Find out how you can plug into this community to gain a greater sense of belonging and the opportunity to make new friends, sure to lead to many good times together, on page 32.

For those of you looking for practical advice on relocating, you will enjoy reading ‘Your essential guide to living in Mallorca’ on page 130. There is a new branch of healthcare that is quickly taking root here, find out how lifestyle medicine can enhance your immune system and general well-being on page 124.

I hope this edition inspires you to make the move towards a more wholehearted lifestyle, if that is your dream – it may not be easy to begin with, but it will certainly be worth the effort when you are settled into your new Mediterranean life.

Enjoy the best of Mallorca!


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