Living a Life Less Ordinary

Six residents share what pulled them to Mallorca, the inspiration they find here, and their heartfelt connection to the island

Fincacare Jan Ihden

Jan & Nicola Ihden

Originally from Germany | Founders of: FincaCare Mallorca | Moved to Mallorca in 2016

“We moved to Mallorca to start a new chapter in our lives and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. We have a soft spot for beautiful houses and gardens, which is why we have chosen this professional environment.

We appreciate the opportunity to live on a finca and the associated quality of life and recreational value of the island. We feel inspired by the lighter lifestyle here, which is characterised by a variety of options – from living in the countryside to the first-class restaurants and events in Palma. This diversity has a positive impact on our work and well-being.

We’re fascinated by the diverse lifestyles from boho to modern, the people of different nationalities and generally this beautiful island that offers so much from the beach and sea to the mountains. Our happy places are hiking in the Tramuntana, enjoying the bay of Alcúdia and strolling through Palma.”

Elisabeth Wiik Enger

Originally from Norway | Founder of: E.W. Enger Construction | Moved to Mallorca in 2018

“I moved to Mallorca in 2018. In the beginning it was on and off, but the last years have been full time, together with my husband. We started our company together at the end of 2023.

I’m also certified as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and hope to start a business. My interest in becoming a therapist began when I was working as a nurse in a cancer hospital in Norway. Most of my patients were in crisis and really needed someone to talk to. My experience was that this factor was almost as important as the treatment we could provide. It was then I decided I wanted to gain more knowledge about how to help with the mental challenges.

As Norwegians we love the ‘klima’ (climate), the people, and the culture here on the island and plan to stay here now that our children have grown up. We were lucky to find work from the very beginning and have only met nice people and customers.”


Katja Lebelt

Originally from Germany | Founder of: Can Cavall Blau | Moved to Mallorca in 2017

“Attracted by the very special light on Mallorca, the Tramuntana and my love for Palma, I moved here with my family and my horses seven years ago.

For me as a stage designer and producer, Mallorca is the perfect base for my international projects. But my heart also belongs to nature and the development of culinary recipes. In Sencelles, I founded ‘Can Cavall Blau’, an organic farm where we produce wine and ‘Amargéro’, a natural aperitif made from bitter oranges, which I am really proud of.

I also breed and train my polo horses here against the backdrop of the Tramuntana mountains. For me, art, horses and nature come together in Mallorca like nowhere else and that inspires me every day anew.”


Sofia Fedrigotti

Originally from Germany | Founder of: Vital Business Club | Moved to Mallorca in 1998

“In 1998, I moved to Mallorca because I didn’t feel at home in Germany. The island’s nature immediately captivated me. The mountains, picturesque Mallorcan villages, and beautiful sandy beaches – all of this thrilled me. Here, amongst German and Afghan cultures, I found a sense of home with the Spanish. This balance, the ease of the people here, has always impressed me.

Since 2010, I’ve been sharing my life between Mallorca and Augsburg with my husband Antony. These two places are like different worlds to me. The locals here are content and grateful, making the best of everything. I appreciate the international ambiance and the diversity of cultures and nationalities.

Mallorca’s charm lies in the lightness of its people, radiating a positive attitude towards life, making it easy to connect with others. Unlike in Germany, you can spend the whole year outdoors here. This positive vibe, hard to describe in words, and the special light in Mallorca’s sky continue to fascinate me.”


Carola Butters

Originally from Sweden | Founder of: Studio Butters | Moved to Mallorca in 1999

“I grew up by the water in Sweden and I love the calming effect of the sea. I travelled to Mallorca as a child and have always loved this stunning island. Travelling the world on yachts for many years, I always returned. After moving here, I never looked back.

In 2015 my daughter was born and I feel very happy for her to spend her childhood barefoot on the beach. I feel truly blessed to have made amazing friends for life from all around the world. I love my job and I am so lucky to be doing it here. An island with so much diversity, colour, nationalities and beautiful places to set up a home.

Though I still love Scandinavian minimalist style, my style has changed over the years and I love to introduce a little more Mallorca and its colours into my designs. Sitting in the sun listening to the sea makes it a lot easier to create beautiful designs, that’s for sure!”


Maria del Mar García Carbonell

Originally from Spain | Founder of: Beyond Psychology | Moved to Mallorca in 2023

“Whenever I am asked why I chose Mallorca, I answer that it was her who chose me. After residing in Sydney for 15 years, I suddenly felt the urge to come, so I left everything behind and settled on this enchanting island where each day I wake up with the delightful sensation of finally being home.

Among several places I could recommend, I would love to share with you my ‘happy place,’ a hidden cala in Illetas beach in the old military area… the sunrise there is just breathtaking. Several months ago, I was fortunate enough to establish a Wellness Center for Women, focusing on emotional and physical well-being, where our primary goal is to restore inner peace and self-connection. This island is the perfect place for it, as there is something magical in the energy that cannot be described, only felt… a feeling of peace and gratitude that helps you immensely to reconnect with the best version of yourself.”


Sne Handwerker

Originally from Germany | Founder of: MyNeLi Island Events | Moved to Mallorca in 2001

“In 2001, I arrived in Mallorca with plans to stay just three months in Cala Ratjada, restructuring an English boutique hotel to cater to a German audience. I brought along my best friend, and within two weeks, we became a couple, eventually getting engaged after three months. Over the next four years, we welcomed three children and established a beach restaurant and hotel in Son Serra de Marina.

Following my divorce, I founded MyNeli Events, specializing in serving football teams like BVB and Liverpool, organizing business incentives, and curating tailored Mallorca experiences. My journey reflects a blend of professional evolution and personal milestones, anchored in the vibrant tapestry of Mallorcan life and hospitality.”